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You Should Watch ‘Jeopardy!’ in the Morning 

Image: Sony Photos Leisure

Morning routines are extremely non-public (and doubtless taken too seriously, as one writer currently chanced on out). On the different hand, we can all agree that morning tv doesn’t present the psychological stimulus we deserve.

The categorical uncover to view whereas waking up is none in its place of the prolonged-running (and apparently immortal) quiz uncover Jeopardy! It’s mercurial-paced, nonetheless no longer disorienting; it will get you pondering, nonetheless doesn’t crush; and (right here’s the superior half) have to you document it in your DVR and mercurial-ahead, every episode lasts most efficient 14 minutes. That’s fast ample to view a elephantine episode whereas finishing your coffee, and presents you ample time to safe the crusties out of your eyes earlier than having to have interaction with your preferred ones. This fashion furthermore allows for skipping the contestant banter (Oh, you acquire stamps?), and the classes you received’t ever, ever know (“I’ll capture ‘Fifties NHL Group Mascots’ for 800, Alex!”).

Jeopardy! as a breakfast accomplice no longer most efficient blocks out the drivel of morning news, it furthermore solves for the uncover’s unpleasant at some level of-time for dinner slot—a time while you are going to be ready to most efficient view whereas sitting with your loved ones (whom you may per chance consult with), or worse but, whereas at the gym on a treadmill staring at WITHOUT CAPTIONS. Nothing is worse than seeing a clue, pondering you know the fair response, and no longer being ready to verify.

Plus, you are going to be ready to safe up all americans else in your own dwelling by shouting “Who’s Sandra Day O’Connor?” over and over.