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Westworld’s Back, Pick Your Westworld Podcast

Screenshot: HBO Entertainment

The closing time Westworld aired, we had a rather about a president. The show veil at closing returns for Season 2 this Sunday, and so the Westworld podcast industrial complex shudders support into circulation. Throughout season 1, HuffPost counted 28 goddamn Westworld podcasts, and tons extra comprise began since then. We’ll be screwed when these presentations win sentience. Right here are the true.

(One existing: Despite all of the adverts on Lifehacker actual now, here’s no longer a backed post! We supreme be pleased podcasts and Westworld.)

When you’re no longer shy of theories that radically change accidental spoilers, subscribe to Decoding Westworld. Hosts David Chen and Joanna Robinson (who additionally speed the Game of Thrones podcast A Forged of Kings) shuffle over fan theories and choose into yarn every episode. They treat the show veil as every fable and puzzle, and their dialog has a neat and right vibe, roughly be pleased NPR’s Pop Culture Ecstatic Hour. As a redditor facets out, Chen is the Scully of the pair, while Robinson is the Mulder. In season 1, she promoted every crazy fan theory she learned on-line, and he or she turn into once in most cases proven actual. (Glum Bernard.) Episodes speed wherever from one to 2 hours.

When you entirely would love to listen to about fan theories, choose mark to Out West, a podcast from Josh Topolsky, Adrianne Jeffries, and John Lagomarsino of the Account for. There are entirely eight episodes, every “supreme” an hour prolonged. This is one amongst the slickest Westworld podcasts, with full of life dialog and delicate discussion.

But another fan popular is Staring at Westworld, from the Bald Stride slate of TV podcasts. Every episode spends over two hours holding a one-hour ep of the show veil. The hosts, who comprise lined dozens of TV presentations, lift a chunk of extra skepticism to the show veil’s quality than Chen and Robinson produce, nonetheless every are received over by the season finale.

TV podcasts favor to deem whether or no longer to total down in the off-season, and Westworld has one hell of an off-season. Decoding Westworld shut down for over a year. Westworld: The Podcast, marches onward with episodes on related tales, cast interviews, and even a rewatch of your total first season—the day gone by they released episode seventy two. Beyond Westworld learned a actual stability with supreme two post-season episodes and a new season 2 preview episode, holding all of the promotion and rumors in regards to the brand new season of the HBO show veil.

The Greenbacks and Sense of Westworld discusses the industry and economics of the fictional Westworld. The hosts are roughly amateurish and aggravating to listen to, nonetheless they win quite loads of humor and thought out of exploring the feasibility of running a broad theme park stout of slay sex robots.

And in the occasion you be pleased, you can be ready to battle thru a couple dozen extra presentations. Right here lie some very sad manufacturing values and dodgy discourse, nonetheless if the presentations above shuffle away you looking out, per chance you would per chance per chance well per chance per chance like to retain taking a look thru this maze.

But wait. At the pause of season 1, Out West co-hosts Topolsky and Jeffries envy any viewers who managed to lead distinct of all of the rumors, discussions, and fan theories and got to skills all of the unearths armed entirely with their own thoughts. For season 2, what in the occasion you watched a show veil … without taking impress of a podcast? With out checking the subreddit? With out tweeting?

Hahaha no, that wouldn’t be any fun!