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Vlog #246: Chris Long on E-Commerce SEO

Chris Long 4

In share one, we realized about Chris Long and his experience working with Bill Slawski. Then, in share two, we spoke about serving to folk with SEO on LinkedIn and the usage of Facebook for a career swap. Then, in share three, we spoke about SEO strategy and SEO testing. Now, in share four, we talk about SEO for e-commerce sites.

We talked about how messy e-commerce sites can bag with pagination, category pages, faceted navigation, endless scroll, and loads others. Chris said fling withhold watch over is a immense problem for many e-commerce sites and SEO. There are a great deal of legacy e-commerce sites that be pleased all these SEO factors that new platforms wouldn’t be pleased.

We then talk about which pages and lessons of pages it is advisable present Google or no longer present Google. So perchance colors and sizing pages you need listed but you more than probably don’t need pricing pages to be listed. The rule of thumb of thumb is larger than two aspects; that you simply could be a tiny too great long tail, but it relies.

Chris is just not any longer keen on endless scroll, he prefers pagination over no pagination. But endless scroll does assemble a form of sense in preserving with folk getting used to that UX but it does assemble it more difficult to search out products in some conditions.

Photos are changing into increasingly crucial for e-commerce sites in SEO. Google has done loads to advertise those photography within the hunt outcomes. Google has been going wild with UX changes in behold for products and procuring. We also hasty spoke about Google Lens and e-commerce.

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