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Vlog #233: Fabrice Canel On Generative AI Content & IndexNow

Fabrice Canel

In portion one, we discovered more about Fabrice Canel of Microsoft Bing and spoke about indexing quality. In portion two we dig more into of the difficulty around content technology by generative AI instruments and IndexNow. Now we safe 70 billion URLs per day that Bing processes, will that develop to twice or three cases as unprecedented with these instruments?

Fabrice said they are laser-thinking about fulfilling the Bing searcher. So if the Bing person loves the AI content, then it’s okay. Years within the past, become the discontinue fifth property on the fetch, but that is no longer any longer the case, new websites got right here out and modified it. It’s far all about what customers need and Bing will discover and await those needs.

He is seeing hundreds of new content on the fetch on the fetch within the within the meantime plus even more misspellings.


Two years within the past, Microsoft started to push for IndexNow and they also safe viewed hundreds of adoption. IndexNow is a protocol to describe search engines of essentially the most in vogue modifications to your web region, by a ping solution. We reported on this loads right here, and will proceed to manufacture so. IndexNow is even more wanted all the blueprint in which by the cases of generative AI, he said.

We then temporarily spoke about the Bing URL submission API and also the content submission API, but he restful recommends the usage of IndexNow over those but they both work. Junk mail is restful an argument for Bing, he said the largest explain is when a region is hacked and that will perchance motive factors.

IndexNow has bigger than 20 million uncommon websites and just a few billion URLs per day processed by the protocol. It’ll develop far more within the subsequent several months, Fabrice said.

That you can discover Fabrice Canel on Twitter @facan or on LinkedIn.

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