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Why “Sent Me” Videos are the New Unboxing Phenomenon

Greg Jarboe

Tubular’s Q2 2018 Utter of On-line Video fable chanced on “sent me” videos are the next gigantic factor, connected to the broadly in model “unboxing” or “haul” trends. Be taught on to uncover why!

Tubular Labs Top Backed Videos Leaderboard of the Week

Carla Marshall

Which producers and publishers made the list of the head ten most viewed world backed videos? Buy a witness at basically the most as much as the moment leaderboard from Tubular Labs.

Esports Videos Entice Billions of Views (and Heaps of Mark Alternatives)

Bree Brouwer

The esports industry is decided to hit $905.6 billion by the discontinue of 2018; within the closing year on my own, esports videos have pulled in 650 million entire views. Clearly, this industry is rising speedily, and producers have a good deal of opportunities to leap on board.