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Twitter (X) Now Is Blocking Bing Search

Twitter Bird Stopping Bing Robots

X, successfully,, is now blocking off Bing Search, particularly Bingbot, from crawling and having access to content posted on, on the X platform. Twitter particularly added to its robots.txt file a directive to disallow Bingbot from crawling the content on its platform.

Right here is a screenshot of its robots.txt file:

Twitter Robots Txt Bingbot

This was noticed first, I reflect, by Mike Ginley who posted this on X, “Twitter blocking off Bing is an intriguing circulation…” Glenn Gabe dug into the timeline, noticing this was a beautiful latest trade by Bing:

In actuality, a bellow expose on Bing best exhibits 180,000 Twitter URLs showing up:

Bing Twitter Self-discipline Reveal

But with Google, a bellow expose exhibits 422 million URLs.

Google Twitter Self-discipline Reveal

Assist in July Twitter blocked Google main to an mountainous tumble in visibility for Twitter in Google Search. Just a few days later, Twitter reversed that trade.

I declare Twitter / X doesn’t need net page visitors from Bing Search? I indicate, in the occasion that they wish more efficient indexing, correct use IndexNow?

Forum dialogue at X.