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Thousands of Mobile Apps Expose Their Unprotected Firebase Hosted Databases

Firebase files leak hack

Mobile safety researchers include came upon unprotected Firebase databases of 1000’s of iOS and Android cell applications that are exposing over a hundred million files files, at the side of hideous text passwords, person IDs, predicament, and in some conditions, financial files corresponding to banking and cryptocurrency transactions.

Google’s Firebase provider is one among basically the most standard back-pause improvement platforms for cell and web applications that affords developers a cloud-primarily primarily based totally database, which stores files in JSON layout and synced it within the loyal-time with all linked purchasers.

Researchers from cell safety firm Appthority came upon that many app developers’ fail to effectively stable their back-pause Firebase endpoints with firewalls and authentication, leaving 1000’s of gigabytes of sensitive files of their prospects publicly accessible to anyone.

Since Firebase offers app developers an API server, as shown below, to get entry to their databases hosted with the provider, attackers can reach get entry to to unprotected files by excellent at the side of “/.json” with a blank database name on the pause of the hostname.

Sample API URL:
Payload to Score admission to: Data

To obtain the extent of this ache, researchers scanned over 2.7 million apps and came upon that extra than 3,000 apps—2,446 Android and 600 iOS apps—include been leaking an whole 2,300 databases with extra than a hundred million files, making it a enormous breach of over 113 gigabytes of files.


The inclined Android apps alone include been downloaded extra than 620 million times.

Affected apps belong to a pair of classes corresponding to telecommunication, cryptocurrency, finance, postal services, lope-sharing corporations, academic establishments, accommodations, productivity, neatly being, neatly being, tools and extra.

Researchers additionally equipped a transient prognosis, given below, of the got files they had downloaded from inclined applications.

  • 2.6 million plaintext passwords and person IDs
  • four million+ PHI (True Health Knowledge) files (chat messages and prescription well-known points)
  • 25 million GPS predicament files
  • 50,000 financial files at the side of banking, payment and Bitcoin transactions
  • four.5 million+ Facebook, LinkedIn, Firebase, and company files store person tokens.
Firebase files leak hack

Researcher claims all right here’s occurring on the first build because Google Firebase provider does no longer stable person files by default, requiring developers to explicitly implement person authentication on all database rows and tables to give protection to their databases from unauthorized get entry to.

“The handiest safety characteristic accessible to developers is authentication and rule-primarily primarily based totally authorization,” the researchers uncover. What’s worse? There are no “Zero.33-celebration tools accessible to create encryption for it.”

Researchers had already contacted Google and equipped a listing of all inclined app databases, and additionally contacted about a app developers serving to them to patch this ache.