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This Entrepreneur’s Venture is Trying to Address an Issue That Has Bothered Indian Women for Long

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About 80 per cent of Indian women till date do not use sanitary napkins. Interestingly, the rest are somewhat unaware of the carcinogenic products used in those,” mentions Dalmia. She further states that she identified the gap in this market during her research before launching the product.

“Back in New York with Ernst & Young, I had a perfect life but who wants perfection over impact?” states Dalmia. Apparently, Indian women hardly have a choice when it comes to menstrual hygiene. And Dalmia addressed this issue by launching her biodegradable organic napkins in late 2017. “These pads are made from bamboo fibre and corn that makes them harmless and biodegradable,” she says. It took her two years to produce the first product, as finding an organic land for the bio-pulps was her biggest challenge. “This compelled me to manufacture my products in China while the bio-degradable packets are made in Finland,” says Dalmia.

The pads are tested by NABL before being packed. Moreover, she preferred to keep it affordable for the masses. “Though manufacturing is costly, but stressing on bulk over cost would give me my break even soon.” Being a bootstrapped model, she aims to grow her business organically launching her baby diapers soon.

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