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The time for a website migration is now

Succor in March I wrote about reconsidering your decision to pull encourage on digital marketing budgets resulting from COVID-19. In a time of uncertainty, it’s natural for agencies to be questioning their spending. As income is declining many corporations are turning into rich in contributors-hours and depressed with money-in-hand. Here’s why I emphatically point out that NOW is the time your company doubles down on their web web page. Now will be the time to push ahead on that migration venture the workforce has been placing off for goodbye.

Why migrate now?

In my 10+ years helping agencies carry out migrations, I commonly hear two reasons why they’ve save them off for goodbye. The predominant is that it requires heaps of work and that too many diversified tasks select precedence. The second purpose is that they are timid in executing the migration incorrectly and the influence it will probably non-public in opposition to assembly quarterly/annual targets.

Let’s face it. Until you’re in the necessary wants home, you’ve already started having conversations about adjusting your quarterly and or annual targets. You would possibly need also had to non-public extra special discussions about forced PTO, diminished hours or even furloughs to your workforce resulting from a discount in billable work. The on-line web page migration you’ve been placing off is the particular investment to carry out all the blueprint via times enjoy this.

What more or less migration are talking about?

I’ll duvet four diversified kinds of migrations that your company should be pondering about proper now. These consist of:

  • Enviornment Migration
  • CMS/Succor End Migration
  • Web pages Consolidation
  • HTTPS (SSL) Migration

Enviornment migration

Has your company been sitting on the .com or shortened version of your manufacturers URL forever? Now will be the time to full a area migration. Organic search performance could select a runt hit as engines like google re-jog and index the brand new area. On the opposite hand, since performance is already uncharacteristically low, here’s a best opportunity to speculate in the strategy ahead to your on-line web presence.

CMS/encourage end migration

Is your CMS or encourage end clunky and wildly inefficient? Are you unable to launch new formula or carry out bigger your web web page with out wrong workarounds or band-reduction fixes? Now will be the time to select display disguise of a CMS/encourage-end migration.

Most CMS and encourage-end migrations require updated web page architecture and URL modifications. Similar to area migrations, now will be the time to fight via the updates and enable engines like google to jog/index your new web page. CMS/encourage-end updates can non-public a definite influence on SEO but when it enables your workforce to be more efficient in the strategy future then the ROI, in my glance, is justified from that alone. Why wait?

Web pages consolidation migration

Does your company put together two, three or even more web sites? You’ve seemingly heard from an SEO manual in regards to the total fee in consolidating into a single area. Assuming no (worthwhile) commerce purpose exists to elaborate the a pair of websites, now will be the time to consolidate into one big and more authoritative web web page.

Web pages consolidation migrations are no longer handiest a definite transfer for SEO but it indubitably generally helps amplify efficiency as the workforce now no longer has to support numerous web sites. No longer high-quality what content from every web page should be migrated? I wrote an article closing year on the strategy it is seemingly you’ll manufacture a content migration audit.

HTTPS/SSL migrations

Within the event you form to your web web page’s URL does it consist of HTTPS in the very foundation? Succor in 2014, Google started pushing for the on-line to vary into more stable. HTTPS is even now regarded as a ranking factor. More importantly, SSL or making your web web page HTTPS is about security. It enables for a stable experience to your users and extra keeps your web web page at bay in opposition to on-line threats.

Now will be the time to speculate to your company’s web web page

The migrations listed above are the ones that I most commonly sight sidelined. With so extra special up in the air with COVID-19 and property being underutilized, now will be the time to act on all these internal tasks. Sure, every migration form has its level of likelihood but with proper planning, it is very manageable and should save your web page up for future inform. No more excuses now will be the time to prioritize your migration.

Opinions expressed listed listed here are those of the guest writer and no longer necessarily Search Engine Land. Crew authors are listed here.

About The Author

Nick LeRoy is the owner of Nick LeRoy Consulting LLC. Nick makes a speciality of custom-made SEO solutions for his shoppers making an are trying to carry out visibility all the blueprint via the natural search results. As wisely as, Nick publishes a weekly SEO newsletter #SEOForLunch.