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The Only Thing Keeping You From Improving Is You

Welcome motivate to Mid-Week Meditations, Lifehacker’s weekly dip into the pool of stoic knowledge, and a info to the utilization of its waters to mirror on and enhance your lifestyles.

This week’s preference comes from Roman thinker Gaius Musonius Rufus. In his ninth lecture, he talks about how now not even exile from your fatherland can terminate you from gaining info:

“Furthermore, how must aloof exile be a earn 22 situation to the cultivation of the issues that are one’s maintain and to the acquisition of advantage, when no person was ever hindered from the records and practice of what is needful thanks to exile?”

What It Methodology

How does exile protect you from learning and becoming a bigger individual? It doesn’t. No person was ever blocked from doing the work they wished to produce thanks to such demanding scenarios. No tantalizing scenarios can or must aloof terminate you from self-development and getting issues executed.

What to Resolve From It

Rufus was exiled three separate times in his lifestyles, but he aloof studied philosophy and discovered ways to alter into more a certified. Being displaced or looked down upon never stopped him from doing what he wished to produce. In truth, he discusses how it’s ridiculous to even deem that such issues must delight in an affect on you:

“Due to this truth, trusty as a man who was residing in his maintain nation but in a certain home from the one where he was born might well well perchance be conception silly and an object of laughter if he must aloof yowl and divulge thanks to this, so whoever considers it a effort on yarn of he resides in one other metropolis and now not the one where he occurs to were born would rightly be regarded as silly and dull.”

To him, being in various areas, or being in a certain notify, doesn’t switch an component. It shouldn’t for you either.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter where you might well perchance per chance also be, or what’s came about to you. You’re aloof you, with work to be executed and aspirations to be fulfilled. That you simply can well delight in new limits compelled upon you—your maintain model of exile—but there’s repeatedly a capability to work within them. So earn to it. Exile isn’t any motive to present up and produce nothing.