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The Best San Antonio Travel Tips From Our Readers

We’ve received San Antonio travel guidelines! First off, while you don’t must take a total tour of the Alamo, at the least take a look while you’re within the neighborhood. “Choose your photo in front of it,” says b1gdon5, “and stroll across the courtyard within the succor for history shows, documentary videos, and are living historic shows. Don’t wait in line to head inner if there is one.” What to have out next, and more, on this week’s Hack Your City.

Every Monday on Hack Your City, we request readers for your best guidelines on a city: driving guidelines, restaurant recs, issues to have out, and any diversified advice for company and locals. Then on Thursday, we present the actual comments. We’re working our strategy across the U.S. and across the globe.

Before we procure to the Alamo, this resort tip looks to be important:

OK, succor to the Alamo. After you check it out, says SDS, “unsuitable the boulevard to the river. It takes you merely to the Biergarten where that you might possibly well possibly also determine a beer or diversified beverage to have with you. They’ve a minute collection of German food too. My favourite Tex-Mex now is Rita’s, or Mad Dogs for British style. Reach succor to the Alamo after shadowy for potentially the most wonderful study you’ll peep of it.”

Oh sorry, does your downtown no longer have an Alamo?
Photo: Nan Palmero

After the Alamo:

  • “San Fernando Cathedral, where the cremated stays of the Alamo defenders are buried. On Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, a giant slideshow of Texas history performs the usage of the front of the cathedral as a veil.”—TrainOfThought
  • “Cease your day with a visit to the Roosevelt Bar within the Menger Resort across from the Alamo. Teddy Roosevelt recruited his Tough Riders in this bar and it looks to be the equal this day as when Teddy enjoyed the premises.”—Label R
  • “Carry out yourself a prefer and take a examine Mission San Jose. You would also procure a bigger in reality feel of what a mission was in reality savor and so after the Alamo that you might possibly well possibly also envision that fashion of ambiance, rather then a Ripley’s Think it or Not across the boulevard.”—Moose Knuckle
  • “Strive B&B Tamales terminate to Mission San Jose for a mother and dad w/ enormous tamales.”—Yallcangotohell

Stroll the River Stroll:

  • “You will want to head peep the River Stroll. My skills of the Riverwalk was drinking at an Irish pub (I believe it’s Waxy O’Connor’s) and getting some bangers and mash.”—Papa Van Twee
  • “Otherwise that you might possibly well possibly in actuality genuine dangle round in a single among the rivers. They’ve a ton of them: San Pedro Springs Park, Guadalupe Command Park, in overall any random living in New Braunfels.”—Pucksr
  • “Must it’s best to have out the River Stroll, don’t stress about which Tex-Mex to eat, they are all in overall the equal and all first price.”—rczr
  • But Wordsworth_Little says it’s best to “disclose caution” selecting a cafe on the River, or scuttle a few blocks to the drinking places at the vulnerable Pearl Brewery. That you might possibly well possibly furthermore scuttle to the Southtown notify, where that you might possibly well possibly also drink at the Enough Space and procure “hefty and scrumptious plates” at La Tuna.
  • “Biga on the Banks at the Riverwalk is unbelievable.”—Carisi_Swagger

Gallop drinking:

  • “So many beer places. I savor Alamo and Freetail breweries downtown (strive some Ghost Pixel if they’ve it at Freetail). Burleson has an acceptable beeryard too. VFW for low-fee drinks and entertainment on River Stroll. Modernist for the vibe. Esteem the porch and that inner is dog excellent at Peaceful Golden. Esquire is cool downtown. Paramour is overpriced nevertheless has a swanky vibe and best evening study of city skyline.”—Yallcangotohell
  • “Beer nerd? The nerdiest prefer any of the Colossal Hops in city. Widest replacement with quality food on the side is at Flying Saucer on Huebner. The weekend Harley riders prefer Hill & Dales off Loop 1604.”—BurnerAGoGo
  • “Choose a immediate outing as much as Boerne to Random Beer Garden. It’s a giant outdoors beer backyard with a giant ‘trampoline.’ And I operate imply giant. And no longer precisely a trampoline, nevertheless roughly an open-air bouncy home that might possibly well have dozens of teenagers. That is a huge living for fogeys to have a beer and a chunk to eat while the teenagers play.”—TrainOfThought
  • “Snatch a beer at The Hoppy Monk, a family-breeze gastropub with a large collection of beers and IPA-powered wings—or swing by Freetail Brewing and procure the Palmero white pizza while you’re there. Paramour, despite the incontrovertible reality that costly, is a terribly hip rooftop bar.”—Nan Palmero, who furthermore supplied photography for this post and Monday’s post
…excluding for this photo of the glittering Mi Tierra Café
Photo: Phil Roeder

Gallop drinking:

  • “Must you favor something diversified, take a examine Schilo’s German Delicatessen for a large sandwich and home-brewed root beer. Or, even as you’ve got some mates with you, strive out Colossal Lou’s Pizza for a forty two rush pie. It is a ways utterly price it!”—Caleb Hogue
  • “Cullum’s Attagirl for Fried Rooster.”—Zach
  • “I judge I’m able to be a bit partial, nevertheless I savor Pasha, a local Mediterranean draw with a few places in city.”—ISpeakJive
  • “In the mood for a burger that didn’t strategy from a series? You then must scuttle to Chris Madrid’s and peep if you’re hungry enough to eat The Macho.”—DrNerdLove
  • “My scuttle-to breakfast taco is bean and cheese. And Chachos’ bean and cheese tacos are fantastic. Plus they’re open 24 hours.”—Carisi_Swagger
  • “Tip Top Cafe for onion rings and Rooster Fried Steak. (One more living that has been open 70+ years. I judge among the waitresses are favorite.)”—Thro
  • “I do know some americans insist that Lulu’s Bakery is touristy and in all likelihood underwhelming (I enjoyed it), nevertheless they’ve some crazy mountainous cinnamon buns for sale that or no longer you will deserve to peer.”—MeNoSeeGood
  • “Appropriate visit the bakery at Mi Tierra. I savor it for its history, nevertheless the comfort of the food is mediocre at best.”—TrainOfThought
  • “Jacala’s on West Avenue. Commence genuine as prolonged Mi Tierra (Forties) nevertheless grand much less touristy. Puffy tacos and margaritas are a must.”—Thro
…and this one among a “fairy home” at the Doseum
Photo: amboo who?

And more:

  • “You savor to dance and it’s a weekend night? Check who’s enjoying at Luna on San Pedro.”—BurnerAGoGo
  • “It’s price making an strive out AwesomeSA, a community of ten these that put $100 every genuine into a pot and then every time they salvage, have non-profits pitch them on a success the $a thousand pot. You procure to meet in reality cool americans doing involving and artful work.”—Nan Palmero
  • “Must you have teenagers—or are genuine young at heart—then it’s best to take them to The Witte Museum on south Broadway. Must you favor something more cultured, there’s continuously the San Antonio Museum of Art and the McNay Art Museum. And the San Antonio Zoo and Eastern Botanical Gardens next door are must-peep’s as effectively.”—DrNerdLove
  • “The DoSeum genuine down Broadway is enormous as effectively if you’ve received younger teenagers.”—Corey
  • “For a low-key intimate night out with terminate mates, Bombay Bicycle Membership for some pool and food if you scuttle early enough.”—Dansky

Lastly, right here’s a SpOoKy AdVeNtUrE:

As continuously, that is genuine a sampling; peer by Monday’s observation thread for more. Leave your have guidelines within the comments merely under. And strategy succor next week when we’re going to Italy!