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The 40-point SEO checklist for startups

Whether you may maybe perchance maybe successfully be within the formulation of taking your startup situation public or honing your on-situation search engine optimization (SEO) post-launch, it’s crucial to occupy a direction of in build to make certain you aren’t missing one thing.

To that stay, we’ve mild Forty factors we counsel incorporating into your checklists and processes to ensure your SEO stays forward of the sport.

The next checklist takes into memoir SEO factors connected to your:

  • Server setup.
  • Indexation.
  • Technical content factors.
  • Space architecture.
  • Cell factors.

Preserve this on hand the next time or no longer it would be famous to focal level to your situation.

Server-facet SEO

Why SEO Services Are No longer A One-Off Job

All one of many best ways by draw of the formulation of constructing a site to your startup, you may maybe perchance may maybe perchance aloof be decided you may maybe perchance need your server and hosting concerns covered. Listed below are some concerns to head looking out out for main up and after your launch.

1. Note situation uptime: Train a free uptime monitoring blueprint resembling Pingdom or UptimeRobot to verify that your situation’s uptime is less costly. In most cases, you’d aloof purpose for an uptime of ninety nine.999 percent. Dropping to ninety nine.9 percent is sketchy, and falling to ninety nine percent is totally unacceptable. Search web host uptime guarantees, how they’ll compensate you when these guarantees are broken, and reduction them to their notice with monitoring instruments.

2. Swap to HTTPS: Location up HTTPS as early as likely within the formulation. The later you discontinue this, the extra hard the migration may maybe be. Verify that hypertext switch protocol (HTTP) repeatedly redirects to hypertext switch protocol stable (HTTPS), and that this by no formulation outcomes in a 404 page. Bustle a stable sockets layer (SSL) take a look at to make certain your setup is stable.

Three. Single URL layout: As well to making decided HTTP repeatedly redirects to HTTPS, be decided the www or non-www uniform resource locator (URL) model is old solely, and that the replacement repeatedly redirects. Construct decided here’s the case for each and every HTTP and HTTPS and that every one links teach the ethical URL layout and discontinue no longer redirect.

four. Check your IP neighbors: If your web protocol (IP) neighbors are showing webspam patterns, Google’s command mail filters may maybe perchance occupy a bigger sensitivity to your situation. Train an IP neighborhood blueprint (also called a community neighbor blueprint) to strive a sample of the sites on your neighborhood and peep for any signs of command mail. We are speaking about outright command mail here, no longer low-quality content. It is a lawful suggestion to mosey this blueprint on a pair of revered sites to procure an plan of what to predict from a not new situation forward of leaping to any conclusions.

5. Check for malware: Train Google’s free blueprint to check for malware on your situation.

6. Check for DNS concerns: Train a DNS check blueprint resembling the one supplied by Pingdom or Mxtoolbox to title any DNS concerns which may maybe perchance maybe trigger concerns. Visit your webhost about any concerns you come across here.

7. Check for server errors: Lunge your situation with a tool resembling Screaming Frog. You mustn’t ever gain any 301 or 302 redirects, as a consequence of while you discontinue, it formulation that you may maybe perchance maybe successfully be linking to URLs that redirect. Replace any links that redirect. Prioritize eliminating links to any 404 or 5xx pages, since these pages don’t exist the least bit, or are broken. Block 403 (forbidden) pages with robots.txt.

eight. Check for noindexing and nofollow: Once your situation is public, teach a crawler to verify that no pages are unintentionally noindexed and that no pages or links are nofollowed the least bit. The noindex label tells serps and yahoo no longer to position the page within the hunt index, which may maybe perchance maybe aloof best be accomplished for reproduction content and content you don’t are looking out out for to notify up in search outcomes. The nofollow label tells serps and yahoo no longer to pass PageRank from the page, which you’d aloof by no formulation discontinue to your possess content.

9. Put off Tender 404s: Test a nonexistent URL in a crawler resembling Screaming Frog. If the page does no longer notify as 404, here’s a danger. Google wants nonexistent pages to render as 404 pages; you factual shouldn’t link to nonexistent pages.


Bustle your situation by draw of the next capabilities each and every forward of and after your startup goes are living to ensure pages procure added to the hunt index rapidly.

1. Sitemaps: Verify that an eXtensible markup language (XML) sitemap is located at and that the sitemap has been uploaded to the Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. The sitemap must be dynamic and up so a ways at any time when a brand new page is added. The sitemap must teach the very best URL construction (HTTP versus HTTPS and www versus non-www) and this must be consistent. Verify the sitemap returns best feature 200 pages. You don’t desire any 404s or 301s here. Train the World Wide Net Consortium (W3C) validator to ensure the sitemap code validates neatly.

2. Google cache: Contain about Google’s cache of your situation the teach of an URL admire:[your URL here].

This may maybe perchance notify you one of many best ways Google sees your situation. Navigate the cache to behold if any crucial blueprint are missing from any of your page templates.

Three. Listed pages: Google to behold if the total preference of returned outcomes fits your database. If the number is low, it formulation some pages are no longer being indexed, and these must be accounted for. If the number is high, it formulation that reproduction content concerns may maybe perchance aloof be alleviated. Whereas this number is rarely 100% identical, any huge discrepancy must be addressed.

four. RSS feeds: Whereas rich situation abstract (RSS) feeds don’t seem to be any longer widely old by the general population, RSS feeds are generally old by crawlers and may maybe perchance expend up extra links, functional essentially for indexing. Encompass a rel=alternate to notify your RSS feed within the source code, and verify that your RSS feed capabilities neatly with a reader.

5. Social media posting: Train an automatic social media poster, admire Social Media Auto Publish for WordPress, to your blog or any fragment of your situation that is on a typical basis up so a ways, as prolonged as the content in that fragment is a lawful fit for social media. E-newsletter to social media outcomes in publicity, clearly, but also helps with guaranteeing your pages procure indexed within the hunt outcomes.

6. Rich snippets: While you may maybe perchance maybe successfully be the teach of semantic markup, verify that the rich snippets are showing neatly and that they’re no longer broken. If both is the case, validate your markup to make certain there don’t seem to be any errors. It is probably going that Google merely won’t notify the rich snippets anyway, but within the event that they’re missing, it would be famous to verify that errors aren’t accountable.


Attach processes in build to ensure the next concerns are handled with every new piece of content you intend to manufacture post-launch, and check every of these capabilities on your situation forward of you launch.

1. Missing titles: Train a crawler to verify that every page on your situation has a title label.

2. Title length: While you may maybe perchance maybe successfully be the teach of Screaming Frog, variety your titles by pixel length and title the length at which your titles are getting bring to a halt within the hunt outcomes. Whereas it’s no longer repeatedly famous to decrease the title length below this fee, it would be famous that every one the information a user must title the topic of the page presentations up forward of the cutoff level. Hiss any especially fast titles as successfully, since they may maybe aloof likely be expanded to accommodate extra prolonged-tail search queries.

Three. Title keywords: Be sure any significant keywords you may maybe perchance maybe successfully be focusing on with a bit of content are display within the title label. Construct no longer repeat keyword diversifications within the title label, recall into consideration synonyms within the event that they keep no longer seem like awkward, and build the largest keywords closest to the initiating if it’s no longer awkward. Be aware that keyword teach may maybe perchance aloof rarely trump the importance of an fascinating title.

four. Meta descriptions: Lunge your situation to ensure you may maybe perchance maybe successfully be responsive to all missing meta descriptions. It is a false impression that every page needs a meta description, since there are some cases the build Google’s computerized snipped is fundamentally better, resembling for pages focusing on prolonged-tail. On the other hand, the preference between a missing meta description and a display one may maybe perchance aloof repeatedly be deliberate. Name and recall away any reproduction meta descriptions. These are repeatedly substandard. Verify that your meta descriptions are shorter than 100 and sixty characters in suppose that they don’t procure bring to a halt. Encompass key phrases naturally on your meta descriptions in suppose that they notify up in intrepid within the snippet. (Hiss that 100 and sixty characters is a guideline best, and that every and every Bing and Google currently teach dynamic, pixel-based mostly totally better limits.)

5. H1 headers: Be sure every one pages teach a header 1 (H1) label, that there don’t seem to be any reproduction H1 tags, and that there’s best one H1 label for every page. Your H1 label must be handled within the same sort to the title label, with the exception that it doesn’t occupy any maximum length (even even if you shouldn’t abuse the length). It is a false impression that your H1 label must be much like your title label, even even if it may maybe maybe perchance aloof clearly be connected. In the case of a blog post, most customers will quiz the header and title label to be the identical or nearly about identical. But within the case of a landing page, customers may maybe perchance quiz the title label to be a call to circulate and the header to be a greeting.

6. H2 and other headers: Lunge your situation and check for missing H2 headers. These subheadings aren’t repeatedly famous, but pages with out them may maybe perchance successfully be walls of text which may maybe perchance be hard for customers to parse. Any page with bigger than three fast paragraphs of text may maybe perchance aloof potentially teach an H2 label. Verify that H3, H4, etc are being old for extra subheadings. Main subheadings may maybe perchance aloof repeatedly be H2.

7. Key phrases: Does every bit of content occupy a arrangement keyword? Any content that does no longer currently occupy an obedient keyword assigned to this may maybe furthermore need some keyword research utilized.

eight. Alt text: Non-decorative photography may maybe perchance aloof repeatedly teach alt-text to title the content of the image. Train keywords that title the image itself, no longer the comfort of the content. Undergo in mind that the alt-text is supposed as a super replacement to the image, old by visually impaired customers and browsers that may maybe perchance no longer render the image. The alt-text may maybe perchance aloof repeatedly invent sense to a human user. Undergo in mind that alt-text is no longer for decorative photography admire borders, factual for photography that motivate a teach as content or interface.

Space architecture

It’s repeatedly best to procure situation architecture handled as early on within the launch direction of as likely, but these are crucial concerns or no longer it would be famous to expend in mind even while you may maybe perchance need already launched.

1. Model links: Verify that the stamp on your top menu links lend a hand to the homepage, and that here’s the case for every fragment of your situation, including the blog. If the blog is its possess mini-stamp and the stamp links lend a hand to the homepage of the blog, make certain there is a prominent homepage link within the stay navigation.

2. Navigational anchor text: Your navigational anchor text may maybe perchance aloof make teach of words to your arrangement keyword phrases, but must be fast enough to work for navigation. Steer decided of menus with prolonged anchor text, and preserve away from repetitious phrasing on your anchor text. As an example, a dropdown menu may maybe perchance aloof no longer listing “Fuji apples, Golden Savory apples, Granny Smith apples, Gala apples” etc. As but every other, the stay menu class must be “Apples,” and the dropdown may maybe perchance aloof factual listing the apples by form.

Three. External links: Links to other sites on your significant navigation, or otherwise listed on every page, may maybe also be interpreted as a command mail signal by the hunt engines. Whereas sitewide external links aren’t basically a violation of Google’s insurance policies on link schemes, they’ll resemble the “Low quality directory or bookmark situation links,” and Google explicitly calls out “Widely disbursed links within the footers or templates of diversified sites.” It’s also famous that any subsidized links teach a nofollow attribute and a really lawful plan to nofollow your observation sections and other user-generated content.

four. Orphan pages: Immoral reference your journey data along with your database to ensure there don’t seem to be any orphan pages. An orphan page is a URL that is no longer reachable from any links on your situation. Hiss that here’s various from a 404 page, which merely does no longer exist but may maybe perchance occupy links pointing to it. With the exception of these pages receiving no link fairness out of your situation, they’re no longer going to rank.  Orphan pages may maybe also be regarded as “doorway pages” that may maybe be interpreted as command mail. While you discontinue no longer occupy procure admission to to database data, rotten reference journey data with Google Analytics.

5. Subfolders: URL subfolders may maybe perchance aloof practice a logical hierarchy that matches the navigational hierarchy of the location. Every page must occupy best one URL, which formulation that it may maybe maybe perchance aloof by no formulation belong to bigger than one contradicting class or subcategory. If here’s unfeasible for one cause or but every other, make certain canonicalization is old to notify which model must be indexed.

6. Link depth:  Important pages, resembling these focusing on top keywords, may maybe perchance aloof no longer be bigger than two ranges deep, and may maybe perchance ideally be reachable today from the homepage.  You may maybe perchance maybe furthermore check for link depth in Screaming Frog with “Lunge depth.” That is the preference of clicks away from the page you enter as the launch up of your journey.

7. Hierarchy: Whereas pages must be accessible from the homepage interior a limited preference of clicks, this does no longer mean that your situation must occupy a totally flat architecture. Except your situation is amazingly limited, you don’t are looking out out for to be ready to achieve every page today from the homepage. As but every other, your significant lessons must be reachable from the homepage, and every subsequent page must be reachable from these class pages, adopted by subcategories, etc.

eight. No JavaScript pagination: Every person piece of content must occupy an person URL. At no level may maybe perchance aloof a user be ready to navigate to a page with out changing the browser URL. As well to making indexation very hard or not likely for serps and yahoo, this also makes it not likely for customers to link today to a page they chanced on functional.

9. URL variables: URL variables resembling “?variety=ascending” may maybe perchance aloof no longer be tacked onto the tip of URLs which may maybe perchance be indexed within the hunt engines, as a consequence of they fabricate reproduction content. Pages containing URL variables may maybe perchance aloof repeatedly canonicalize to pages with out them.

10. Contextual linking: Google has talked about editorial links embedded within the content count bigger than links for the length of the navigation. Best be aware suggests including descriptive text round the link,  your situation’s internal links will pass extra fee while you consist of contextual links. In other words, internal linking for the length of the significant body content of the page is important, seriously for blog and editorial content. Even product pages may maybe perchance aloof ideally occupy recommendation links for identical merchandise.


Just about every new startup may maybe perchance aloof launch up just loyal-looking out off the bat with a cell-great interface and infrastructure. Check for and put into effect the next as early on as likely.

1. Google Cell-great take a look at: Bustle the Google Cell-great take a look at to title any concerns that Google specifically finds with how customers will experience your situation on cell.

2. Put in force accountable create: Your situation must be responsive, which formulation that this may maybe feature neatly and peep beautiful to customers or no longer it’s no longer connected what instrument they’re gaining access to your situation from. If here’s outdoor your wheelhouse, peep for a theme labeled “responsive template.” Responsive subject issues come in for nearly about all platforms, and a few free alternatives are nearly repeatedly available. Make certain to procure rid of any extraneous visual blueprint which may maybe perchance be needless to behold from a cell instrument. Train on your CSS to dam these strategies.

Three. JavaScript and Flash: Verify that your pages work dazzling with out JavaScript or Flash. Train your crawler or database to title pages that reference limited web layout (.swf) and  JavaScript (.js) recordsdata and visit these pages the teach of a browser with JavaScript disabled and no Adobe Flash installed. If these pages are no longer fully functiona,l they’ll may maybe perchance aloof be remodeled. Flash fundamentally must be entirely replaced with cascading vogue sheets (CSS). JavaScript may maybe perchance aloof best be old to dynamically alter HTML blueprint which may maybe perchance be aloof functional within the absence of JavaScript.

four. Responsive navigation: Verify that your drop-down menus are functional on cell devices and that the text width doesn’t invent them unattractive or hard to make teach of.

5. Responsive photography: Even some responsive subject issues can lose their responsiveness when huge photography are presented. As an example, inserting the next code between your tags will make certain photography size down if the browser window is too limited for the image:

img {
width: 100%;
height: auto;

6. Responsive movies and embeds: Movies, and especially embeds, can in actuality bungle up responsive subject issues. As an example, while you may maybe perchance maybe successfully be the teach of the HTML video label, inserting this code between your tags will trigger your movies to scale down with the browser window:

video {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

7. Interstitials and pop-ups: Verify that any pop-u.s.a.or interstitials you teach are fully admire minded with any instrument, and recall into consideration blockading them for devices below a definite pixel width. It may maybe perchance in point of fact perchance aloof repeatedly be likely to end out of an interstitial or pop-up, and button sizes may maybe perchance aloof repeatedly be cheap for a contact interface.


As crucial as innovation and customised strategy are to an efficient launch, with out a foundation of processes to make certain the basics are seemed after, it will develop into straightforward to trot new SEO trends and neglect what all of us know works. As you procure your startup launch strategy and followup SEO work, consult with this checklist and build your possess processes to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Opinions expressed in this article are these of the guest author and no longer basically Search Engine Land. Group authors are listed here.

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Pratik Dholakiya is the Co-Founder & VP Marketing of E2M, a digital advertising agency and MoveoApps, a cell apps construction company. He has over eight years of experience in digital advertising and has served bigger than 500 possibilities into various verticals. As a passionate marketer, he on a typical basis shares his strategies and data on high-stay publications admire Search Engine Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Search Engine Gaze, Moz, Snappily Company, Huffington Post and a range of extra. He has been urged as a ‘must practice’ SEO expert by Search Engine Gaze and has been named undoubtedly one of many stay content advertising influencers by Onalytica two years in a row. He is smitten by health, entrepreneurship, startups and all issues digital advertising.