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The 4 Best Tweets About Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional Testimony: Which Is Your Favorite?

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When Trace Zuckerberg came to Congress to testify sooner than the Senate and Dwelling of Representatives, it seemed adore any of America stopped to opt display disguise. It had been three years since Cambridge Analytica long-established stolen Fb recordsdata, two years since Zuckerberg brushed off the belief that that Fb had swayed the election and appropriate three hundred and sixty five days after the company admitted that tens of thousands and thousands of of us had been served flawed commercials right thru the 2016 presidential election. The draw forward for Fb and social media in total might perchance presumably well just be impacted by Zuckerberg's testimony. 

Loads of the of us wanted answers to critical questions, adore whether or not Congress would settle to realize regulations, preserving recordsdata and doubtlessly making it extra complicated for Fb to abet focused commercials. Others couldn't wait on nonetheless look some smaller, sillier moments that can build you smile without reference to everything.

We've embedded four of our accepted tweets beneath, and it is seemingly you’ll presumably well well presumably vote in our poll at the bottom to settle which is the devoted of the bunch.

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“Senator” supercut

Whereas you happen to watched Zuckerberg's testimony, you'll no question have noticed the Fb co-founder's tendency to open each sentence with both “Senator” (when addressing questions from the Senate on Tuesday) or “Congressman” or “Congresswoman” (when addressing questions from the Dwelling of Representatives on Wednesday). Buzzfeed chopped collectively the Tuesday photos to build a “Senator” supercut, which will come by stuck to your head. So don't state we didn't warn you.

Humans drink water

What is there to mutter about this GIF that the caption doesn't already state? Zuckerberg is identified for being stiff or robotic, and it's obvious even in a transient clip adore this one.

Smile settings

Whereas you happen to've ever created an avatar or personality in a video game, it is seemingly you’ll presumably well well presumably't wait on nonetheless adore this GIF, whereby Mike Tokes added a ruler that regulates Zuckerberg's smile. It makes you’re thinking that Zuckerberg might perchance presumably well well in truth be a robotic, and that everything around it is seemingly you’ll presumably well well presumably appropriate be artificial, and that shall we all appropriate be residing within the Matrix, and (breathes heavily precise into a secure) ….

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Perhaps Myspace Tom is the right kind success account

Myspace might perchance presumably well just not have had the long-term success some envisioned within the early days of social media, nonetheless it's not all infamous for Tom Anderson. As a minimum he didn't have to utilize two grinding days in front of Congress, testifying about whether or not his company might perchance presumably well just aloof be extra heavily regulated transferring forward. So, in a model, perchance Myspace Tom is the right kind success account in all this. 

Which Trace Zuckerberg tweet used to be your accepted?

Vote to state us which one you appreciated best.