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Tell Us Your San Antonio Travel Tips

Put out of your mind the Alamo—what else is lawful in San Antonio? We’ve already taken Hack Your Metropolis to Houston and Austin, however San Antonio is the nation’s seventh-largest city, and it will get over 30 million guests a year. What get these guests depart out within the event that they accurate get the very best hits?

Every Monday on Hack Your Metropolis, we query readers in your best tips on a city: riding tips, restaurant recs, things to get, and any thoroughly different advice for guests and locals. Then on Thursday, we disclose the compatible feedback. We’re working our technique all the very best diagram via the U.S. and all the very best diagram via the globe.

What’s lawful (and what’s unsuitable) in San Antonio? The set aside get you grab to eat, drink, have enjoyable, and get some culture? What are the lawful barcades, thrift stores, art museums, head stores, parks, theaters, local sports actions, burger joints, barbecues, vegan spots, dive bars, cocktail bars, coffee stores, document stores, and novelty stores? What can you get for free? What can you get alongside with your family? What’s too crowded on Friday however monumental on Tuesday?

And what’s life fancy whereas it’s seemingly you’ll per chance well even be living there? How get you get all the very best diagram via the city, and how get you save chilly? What’s modified concerning the city since you first moved there (or had been born there) and how have you ever dealt with that? What are local laws and customs that you just’ve got to get extinct to?

What get folks get corrupt about San Antonio? (We easiest accurate realized that the Alamo is within the course of downtown, a block from a Jimmy John’s.) What get you’ll need guests would stop doing? What get you’ll need they’d originate up doing?

In case you fancy to must get out of city, where get you stir? Enact you head to Austin, Houston, Mexico, some quiet set aside in between? What makes a lawful travel or weekend getaway?

Yelp us within the feedback, and we’ll gain highlights in a brand new post on Thursday.

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