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Sunsama is a Calendar-Based Trello For Your To-Do List

About a years ago I realized Trello, and the plot in which I arrange issues hasn’t been the identical since. If you’re no longer acquainted, Trello is a digital instrument that in actuality enables you to make lists of items, the save every merchandise is an person card. This week I chanced on one more service that caught my attention with a identical explore: Sunsama. It’s a calendar app constructed to explore and feel luxuriate in Trello, and I’m stunning stoked on it.

I in most cases portray Trello to new users (read: folks I’m forcing to make expend of it because it’s qualified) as a whiteboard of forms with post-it notes below it. Your person items could well also furthermore be dragged and dropped from checklist to checklist, and each card could well also furthermore be opened and incorporated with files about it. For occasion, I expend the service to put together legend tips I basically own and encompass files luxuriate in the contact files for a source, or notes on what I’m pondering for the legend for the length of the notes allotment.

Sunsama works in a identical means, with the exception of every checklist is a day in your calendar, and the items below it are the issues you own to construct for the day. It’s a calendar-powered to-build checklist of forms, that can abet withhold you organized and on process the expend of a well-diagnosed situation up (presuming you’re already on the Trello issue).

Adore Trello, the service could well also furthermore be outdated by folks or by teams. That you just’ll want to well perchance also explore what folks in your crew are engaged on or own accomplished for the day, and if you don’t rather build every little thing you had planned for the day the duty will automatically roll over to the following. Responsibilities you finished will be and not utilizing a crash in sight tied to the day you accomplished them, making it easy to return and explore how productive you were a week or own in tips if you basically finished that mammoth venture.

It’s no longer a calendar replace, nevertheless more a clear-powered to-build checklist. Unlike Trello, there’s no longer currently a cell app, so you own to get entry to your legend by plot of the service’s desktop app.

If you’re the expend of it for below 100 duties a month, then the service is free to make expend of. If you’re an impact user and are searching to administer bigger than that (or are searching to incorporate a crew) then there’s a price enthusiastic. Particular person plans with unlimited duties originate at $5 a month.