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Some File Extensions Can Confuse Google Search

Technically, when it involves utilizing file extensions to your URLs, it would now not if fact be told produce a distinction which one you make use of for ranking applications. .PHP, .HTML, .ASP, and so on – it is miles never if fact be told crucial. But while you make use of image based file extensions for web pages based file extensions, that could pause up complicated Google Quit up for a time frame.

So if you make use of .GIF for an .HTML web pages, that can pause up complicated Google said John Mueller of Google. John wrote on Twitter “The correct SEO develop I’m able to think of is unintended file extensions that confuse things. Eg a web pages that ends in “.gif” … presumably will include peril being picked up for web-search. If UX says “no” & there is now not any SEO advantage, I’d skip it anyway.”

Right here is that tweet:

I imply, that is good. Don’t use a .JPG file extension on your .PHP web pages.

I make bewitch Google would figure it out over time but aloof, it factual would now not produce sense.

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