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Say ‘Hello’ to the Woman Behind Kinteic Green

2 min read
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Sheer hard work, intelligence and determination never go unnoticed, and Firodia, has been reaping the sweet fruits of her labor. Having rejoined her father’s venture in 1996 (post her MBA), she has been spearheading Kinetic group’s overall business strategy and development. From then on, Firodia has been tirelessly working towards strengthening his vision by charting new territories of growth and ensuring that Kinetic remains a happy place to work.

A name synonymous to trust and reliability, Kinetic has had a rich legacy of over four decades and has sold over 75 lakh vehicles, establishing itself as an innovative and progressive company. “I was always passionate about Kinetic and automobiles, which further pushed me to launch Kinetic Green, in the e-mobility segment. I believe that it has low maintenance cost and running cost of EVs as the require absolutely no fuel in addition to its silent and emission free operation and is also attracting a lot of customers,” says Firodia. In fact, she has been very instrumental in designing and executing new and aggressive marketing plans towards building Kinetic Green.

The first to foray in the e-ventures (dealing with environment friendly vehicles) segment and capture a market share of over 90 per cent, she has already launched ‘electric autos’, in line with government’s ‘zeroomission’ scheme.