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‘Rich Answers’ coming to Google Assistant

Google is striking more graphics, tools and enhanced visible content in Google Assistant search results for Android devices. Calling the vary of images and new kinds of content “rich solutions,” the company appears to be harmonizing finally ends up within the Assistant with cell search results more on the total.

Snippets, onebox, files panel, thunder solutions. The screens on the left below are “earlier than” screens and other folks on the lawful replicate the brand new rich solutions. Events, on the left, now be pleased thumbnails and build buttons, the stock ticker on the lawful facets a graphical chart and other enhanced content.

There’s a combine of snippets and other kinds of content in these results, a pair of of which feature marked up content and a few that cease no longer. There are other examples and content categories within the blog post.

Why it’s best to care. The Google Assistant is now on more than a billion devices. As it strikes from one thing of a novelty to a mainstream methodology customers glean admission to files on Google, these results change into more stunning to publishers, entrepreneurs and Google itself.

As some percentage of search question quantity migrates to the Google Assistant over the next few years, corporations will change into increasingly more centered on this genuine property, and Google will begin as much as monetize it.

No longer too lengthy within the past, Google began a check of local services listings in Google Assistant results. This dwelling is amazingly necessary on yarn of there’s less litter and more user consideration.

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