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Request Your Data From Over 100 Different Sites Using This Service

Image: Pexels

Nearly every service you make utilize of on the web that involves a username and password is in some ways collecting info about you. In some cases, that info could presumably perhaps correct be your email and just a few figuring out data functions love your age or gender. In others, (cough :: Facebook) you’re handing over info about your likes and dislikes, who your company are, and even where you plod during the day.

The positioning My Knowledge Interrogate has be taught by the privateness policies at over A hundred a good deal of corporations and presents a hastily and straightforward method so that you simply can resolve out what data is being quiet about you where and the strategy in which you must well presumably perhaps presumably download that data whereas you must well presumably perhaps presumably love to know namely what info a explicit company has.

About a of the corporations integrated on the role are Facebook, Tinder, Uber, Twitter, YouTube, Venmo, Waze, Evernote, Spotify, Coinbase, Postmates, Inch and even Furious Birds.

Screenshot: My Knowledge Interrogate

For heaps of on the list, you in all probability own a decent plan of what info they could well presumably perhaps need about you. For others, that acknowledge could presumably perhaps well be a miniature extra unclear.

To make utilize of the role you must well presumably perhaps presumably explore for a explicit app or web role you make utilize of, or flick thru the alternatives they gift. In case you click on one, a window will pop up with a hastily link to the company’s Privacy Policy to boot as a link you must well presumably perhaps presumably click on to download your data from that company.

Screenshot: My Knowledge Interrogate

It’s now no longer going to end those corporations from continuing to salvage and retailer info on you, however it generally is a hastily and straightforward technique to register on what info you’re inserting available.