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Programming Note: Offline For Shavuot On Friday

Ser Robotic Synagogue Torah Shavout

Right here’s a programming present that I may be exclusively offline for the holiday of Shavout/Shavous, from Thursday night, Could also neutral twenty fifth, via slack Saturday night, Could also neutral Twenty seventh. Any reviews printed here will be scheduled, written beforehand, and no longer written in the course of the holiday hours.

I may be exclusively offline, so any social media posts, tweets, or one thing coming from this situation, or my social channels are all scheduled beforehand.

I could no longer be ready to acknowledge to feedback, take away unsolicited mail or fracture any reviews on those days. I may obtain up as soon as I obtain support online. Additionally, I’d no longer indulge in a mode to time desk posts on Bluesky or my deepest Facebook page, so those will be empty in the course of at the 2nd.

Feel free to try the archives or meet up with the weekly videos, try the brand new search vlogs or accurate browse the search pics. Oh, and when you wouldn’t indulge in one thing to realize, be satisfied to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

For more on this holiday, try Wikipedia.

For all those celebrating the holiday – indulge in a correct one and I may be support slack Saturday night.