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Popular Android Phone Manufacturers Caught Lying About Security Updates


Android ecosystem is highly broken by reach of safety, and instrument producers (better is known as OEMs) price it even worse by not offering vital patches in time.

In response to a brand new undercover agent, most Android vendors were lying to customers about safety updates and telling customers that their smartphones are running the most contemporary updates.

In varied words, most smartphone producers including mountainous gamers admire Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Sony, HTC, LG, and Huawei must not handing over you each and every vital safety patch they’re imagined to, a undercover agent by Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell of German safety firm Safety Research Labs (SRL) printed.

Nohl and Lell examined the firmware of 1,200 smartphones from over a dozen vendors, for each and every Android patch launched final year, and chanced on that many devices dangle a “patch gap,” leaving aspects of the Android ecosystem uncovered to hackers.

“Most continuously these guys moral alternate the date without installing any patches. Doubtlessly for marketing reasons, they moral blueprint the patch level to practically an arbitrary date, regardless of appears to be like best,” Nohl says in an interview with Wired.

Google releases safety patches every month to preserve up its Android ecosystem obtain and obtain from the underlying dangers, nevertheless since each and every producer and cell provider alter the running plan to price their smartphone uncommon, they most continuously fail to discover all these patches in time.

SRL researchers investigated smartphones that had supposedly purchased and assign within the most contemporary Android updates and launched the next breakdown of their findings:

  • zero-1 uncared for patches—Google, Sony, Samsung, Wiko Mobile
  • 1-three uncared for patches—Xiaomi, OnePlus, Nokia
  • three-Four uncared for patches—HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola
  • Four+ uncared for patches—TCL, ZTE

Specifically, the above consequence angry by safety patches for Serious and High severity vulnerabilities that had been launched in 2017.

As shown above, Google, Samsung, Wiko Mobile and Sony are soundless doing gigantic in installing patches, nevertheless others, particularly Chinese vendors admire Xiaomi and OnePlus are worse in maintaining their customers in opposition to most contemporary safety flaws.

In present to address the patch gap effort, Google has already launched a mission, dubbed Treble, below which the company brought some critical changes to the Android plan architecture final year to succeed in more preserve an eye on over the update job.


Venture Treble changed into once included as section of Android Oreo and has been designed to separate core hardware code from the OS code, taking away OEMs’ dependencies over to direct Android updates sooner.

Nonetheless, despite the indisputable truth that your Android instrument runs Oreo running plan, or not it’s far rarely important that it supports Treble mission, as or not it’s soundless as much as the instrument producer to contain it. For instance, Oreo firmware update for OnePlus devices assemble not reinforce Treble yet.

But new devices will seemingly be required to enhance Treble fascinating forward.

Check Your Tool For ‘Patch Level’

Meanwhile, SRL has developed an app called SnoopSnitch, which that you may get at gratis, to measure the patch level of your dangle Android smartphone, serving to you ascertain dealer claims relating to the protection of your devices.