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Open a Beer Bottle With Another Beer Bottle

We’ve shown you how to beginning a beer bottle with a knife, a spoon, a lighter, a stapler, a newspaper, a Mac energy brick, a countertop, a frisbee, and your arm. Now a video on Reddit presentations you how to beginning a beer bottle with a beer bottle—or, whenever you happen to’re suave, with beautiful a bottle cap.

  1. Flip the “opener” bottle the unsuitable scheme up.
  2. Gallop the lip of the bottle cap under the lip of the one you’re about to pry off.
  3. Pry it off as you would with a bottle opener.
  4. Ought to you’re performed with your beer, squeeze the bottle cap again onto the empty bottle, and it can quiet work as an opener.

In step with Reddit commenters, here’s the ordinary manner to beginning beers in Germany. However it takes quite discovering out, so watch out otherwise you’ll crack a bottle beginning and spill beer in every single blueprint. So are attempting it sober first.

Ought to you don’t maintain a beer bottle opener | r/lifehacks

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