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Onsite Optimization

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization is critical to do before you put up your website. It all starts with keyword research. After you have settled on the keywords, you want to create content that focuses on one or two keywords per page. Each page needs to be optimized carefully for best organic ranking. This will make your offsite promotions easier to do.

Your site structure is important. Do you have keyword directories or folders for your pages? Your directory structure should have your most important keywords in them.

Unless you are using a separate folder for each page, you need a unique name for each page. Each name besides being unique should have your keyword for that page in the name.

Each page needs a unique title. The title should be under 65 characters long and have your most important keywords for that page.

Every page needs a unique description. This needs to match your page’s content. It also needs to be inviting to people who read it.

Every page can benefit from headings. They make a page easier to scan and provide more information to the search engines about what your page is about. The keywords from the should be in your description tag and keyword tag in the head section.

Your keywords should appear early in the page, early in the paragraphs and at the end of the page. Also, keywords should appear in the anchor text of links on your pages.

Links and images can have alt text, titles and names to help tell more about them. Images should have a keyword rich name.

If using tables on your page you can place your keywords that describe the table in the table summary.