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BuzzFeed’s Tasty Serves Up Subsidized Treats for Top Producers

Could. 14, 2019

BuzzFeed’s champion food property, Tasty, has been organising backed content for producers since March 2016, and is a customary on Tubular’s top backed video chart of the week. But this week, the property takes the pause three spots, producing a blended 10.8M Facebook views in 3 days for its companions.

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Here Is The Each day Level to’s Winning Social Video Strategy

Could. 21, 2019

‘The Each day Level to’ topped leaderboards in April because the #5 creator in the U.S. in News and Politics on YouTube, and was #25 globally in news and politics in April across platforms. Here’s what publishers can learn from ‘The Each day Level to’’s multi-year digital success legend!

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