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Most SEOs Say Redirect When Pruning Old Content

Cyrus Shepard posted a poll on Twitter asking SEOs what’s better to realize when pruning historical content, to 301 redirect or 404 the page. That is if the page can not be updated to dangle better content, what attain you attain? Both (a) Noindex/Fetch away (noindex, 404, 410) or (b) 301 Redirect to a connected, better page.

I used to be greatly surprised by the outcomes, I should be ethical. Nearly 800 responses and 77% said you need to shuffle the 301 redirect route.

I wager worship grand of SEO the answer could be “it is dependent.” You would dangle to in actuality review the content on the historical page and review that to the page you are making an are trying to redirect it to. If there’s ample of a match, then sure – 301 it. But if it’s no longer shut ample, a 404 would gather more sense. But I wager, the question is, how grand is ample overlap?

No longer too lengthy previously we observed many SEOs say they blanket 301 pages to the home page which is a depraved belief in step with Google.

Forum discussion at Twitter.