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Many Advertisers Complaining About Google Ads Account Suspensions

Google Ads Police Suspensions

Final week we reported that Google Ads campaigns were seeing mass disapproval and suspensions but now I am seeing new experiences of Google Ad legend suspensions all the device in which thru a few verticals. I am uncertain if here’s a new factor or merely one thing Google Ads advertisers should contend with more on the total, but it absolutely seems esteem one thing caused this week. I glimpse mass complaints about legend suspensions within the Google Ads give a boost to forums.

Google Ads and chart expert Greg Finn, who I have faith utterly, posted on Twitter the day earlier than this day, “Listening to about suspended Google Ads accounts all the device in which thru varying verticals. Anybody else seeing this?” Others did certainly reply but no one from Google answered yet, which is a chunk upsetting.

And there are heaps, heaps of complaints about this within the edifying Google Ads Boards – manner too many to link to, merely shuffle there and enact a snatch an eye on – F for “suspen…” Listed below are merely a few of the ones I noticed within the final few hours, there are so many more:

Listed below are a few of the replies from those within the Google Ads PPC community:

I enact hope any individual from Google replies this day…

Forum discussion at threads above and Twitter.