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Man Who Hacked Jail Systems to Release His Friend Early Gets 7-Years in Prison


Aid in mind a younger hacker who hacked penal advanced methods in an are attempting to initiate his penal advanced inmate early?

Nicely, that hacker will now be becoming a member of his inmate at the abet of bars.

Konrads Voits of Ypsilanti, Michigan, has been sentenced to seven years and three months in penal advanced for attempting to hack the Washtenaw County Prison computer system and editing penal advanced data to salvage his friend launched early.

Moreover spending 87 months in penal advanced, Voits has furthermore been ordered to pay $235,488 in comely to Washtenaw County for the worth collected in investigating and cleaning up the infiltration that resulted within the compromise of non-public recordsdata of round 1,600 workers, the US Justice Division announced final week.

Between January twenty fourth, 2017 and March tenth, 2017, Voits successfully tricked IT workers at Washtenaw County Prison into visiting a phony web pages at “,” which mimics the legit URL, “”

The malicious web pages then installed malware on the IT workers computer that at final gave Voits full retain watch over over the Prison’s community, allowing him to pick search warrant affidavits and private most valuable factors of over 1,600 workers, including names, email addresses, and passwords.

Moreover this, Voits furthermore accessed the Washtenaw County Prison data and changed the digital data of not lower than one inmate for early initiate.

Alternatively, things did not work as Voits wanted them to.

An IT employee corrupt-checked the initiate date of the inmate with hand-saved data and detected adjustments within the info. He alerted the FBI, who arrested Voits a month later.

“Ensuing from of the like a flash response of the IT workers at Washtenaw County, and to the cautious evaluation of data by workers at the Washtenaw County Prison, no person used to be launched early,” the DoJ said final week.

“Washtenaw County spent 1000’s of bucks and a host of extra work hours responding to and investigating the breach, ensuing in an absence of not lower than $235,488.”

The 27-year-historical Michigan man pleaded guilty to one federal mark of negative a get computer in December final year and has now been jailed for seven years and three months at the abet of bars, alongside up to three years of supervised initiate.

Voits has furthermore agreed to give up his belongings he mature all during the assault, including his computer, four cell phones (utilizing which he known as penal advanced workers), $385.forty nine worth of Bitcoin, and one “Inexperienced Constructed-in Circuit Ingredient, Serial No. Y21A2123.”