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Improving PPC relevance with ZIP code-based geotargeting

If an organization has extra than one brick-and-mortar locations interior a metropolis or metropolitan rental, this will invent challenges in advertising overlap, self-competition and advert relevance.

This article will focal point on classes learned to manage a pay-per-click (PPC) program for a dental provider with extra than one offices positioned all over a multistate discipline and could smooth illustrate the neatest thing about shifting from a metropolis or discipline PPC targeting technique to a ZIP code capability.

Restricted performance

Within the initiate, the company utilized paid search to solid a broad procure all over each metropolis or metro rental where they’ve an space of job.

In reviewing the legend and geographic results, we came upon there were converse ZIP codes in all places in the discipline that got stronger click-by charges and conversions. For the reason that finances turn out to be as soon as evenly dispensed in all places in the total metropolis or discipline, this restricted performance to those top-performing ZIP code targets and dispensed too a lot of the finances to lower-performing areas.

Here is an example of this ZIP code diagnosis:

We also had the different to compare ZIP-code PPC performance to the company’s new affected person acquisition recordsdata. We had been in a situation to check that an even bigger portion of fresh patients did indeed reach from these high-performing PPC ZIP codes.

Taking it one step additional, we identified that new patients had been assuredly positioned interior a three-mile radius of each be conscious region. This supplied some treasured insights in phrases of articulate adjustments in keeping with searcher region.

Recount adjustments

Primarily primarily based on our findings, we optimized each campaign by utilizing articulate adjustments to prioritize ads serving to top-performing ZIP codes.

Implementation tactics included increased articulate adjustments for ZIP codes that historically supplied stronger click-by charges, conversions and new affected person acquisitions for the client. We also diminished articulate adjustments for ZIP codes which were smooth relevant for targeting yet did now no longer present stable results.

Here is a sampling of the articulate adjustments:

The campaigns had been also enhanced with the addition of key phrases with top-performing ZIP codes as modifiers. This included key phrases corresponding to +dentist +80504 to bag granular and extra tightly centered search traffic. ZIP-code articulate adjustments improved relevance and performance all over all optimized markets.


Comparing results (for a ninety-day length earlier than and after articulate and keyword optimizations), we observed important enhancements all over all of our optimized ZIP code campaigns. This included:

  • Conversion rate build bigger of 212 p.c.
  • Thirteen p.c decrease in life like price per click (CPC).
  • four p.c build bigger in life like click-by rate (CTR).
  • Mark per conversion decrease of nearly 60 p.c.

Listed below are about a charts showing these enhancements:


Fascinating from a metropolis optimization technique to a extra granular ZIP code capability allowed us to greater alter bids (in keeping with proximity to space of job), lend a hand extra relevant ads, improve program effectivity and extra successfully allocate finances.

This, in flip, led to improved conversion and the acquisition of additional patients.

I beg digital marketers who manage multilocation campaigns to analyze results by ZIP code and take a look at a granular optimization capability in phrases of key phrases, budgets and bids.

Opinions expressed in this text are these of the client writer and now no longer basically Search Engine Land. Team authors are listed here.

About The Writer

Amanda Krause is a Senior Paid Media Specialist at SmartSearch Marketing, a Google Premier Associate agency primarily based mostly out of Boulder, CO. Amanda is a recordsdata-pushed digital marketing professional with over 15 years expertise in SEM and paid search management for customers in a diversity of industries, with high-stage expertise in project B2B and SaaS for earnings-centered results.