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How to write a listicle (with 6 examples)

One in every of the most neatly-liked codecs for written on-line content is the humble listicle.

55% of bloggers say they’ve printed a listicle in the final 12 months (entirely how-to articles rank greater).

But this popularity exists precisely because folks like to read lists.

We bask in clicking on list headlines because they’re incredibly issue and problem an expectation for what’s inside of the article. We know what we’re entering into, and it’s fulfilling to be aware of.

We bask in reading lists because our brains are wired for this unswerving build of data sorting.

And, by the time you’re carried out reading this text, you’ll admire writing listicles, too.

What’s a listicle?

A listicle is a build of content that smashes together two issues: an editorial and a checklist. 

Simply attach, in a listicle, you fresh data formatted as an intensive list. On the entire, accompanying every list item will be a few paragraphs of description to back the reader brand it, to present them background or ancient past on it, or to show why it matters.

Listicles are formatted in a truly issue system, with every list item denoted with a numbered subheading. 

Right here’s an actual instance from a Reader’s Digest listicle of the 100 Best Books of All Time. Every e book’s title is a numbered level on the list formatted as a heading. Underneath every list item is a summary of the e book, why it made the list, and why you would possibly want to read it.

100 best books listicle

Why you would possibly want to write listicles

Listicles are among the neatly-liked content kinds for a ton of reasons:

  • They spoil down a subject into bite-sized, without issues-digestible items.
  • The list layout is easy to scan, which helps readers fetch the details that’s most necessary to them.
  • When written about an tutorial topic, the listicle helps instruct complex concepts and processes.
  • The list layout makes sophisticated subject matters and prolonged explanations more approachable and now no more intimidating.

Writing listicles and publishing them as piece of your content strategy is additionally critical for meeting brand content and SEO targets. 

Listicles tend to make a selection up immense engagement – when folks word a typical listicle headline, they’re most likely to click it.

In a BuzzSumo conception of the most-shared headlines, articles that purchased the final word engagement started with a bunch, e.g., “7 ordinary solutions to present a snatch to for the vacations” or “10 of the best books of all time.”

buzzsumo headline study - top phrases

Half of of the top 10 SEO expert columns on Search Engine Land in 2022 had been listicles. (And that article itself is one instance of a listicle.)

Don’t fail to recollect keyword rankings. If your listicles are properly researched and optimized for the suited subject matters/keywords, they’ll rank in engines like google, favor clicks, and pressure web page online visitors and results to your internet content.

So, let’s answer the question: How salvage you write an actual listicle that accomplishes all these items?

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How one can write listicles that favor your viewers

Writing listicles is also extraordinarily straightforward. Then all every other time, that it is most likely you’ll perhaps buy your listicles to the following stage by incorporating these steps.

1. Have interaction a immense listicle topic

First, make a selection up obvious that you just choose a subject that lends itself to a checklist – no longer every topic will work for writing a listicle. 

The correct listicle subject matters are straightforward and without issues sorted actual into a checklist. Whilst you happen to salvage your sorting and are left with dangling data that wouldn’t make a selection up sense as piece of your list, or no longer it is a must salvage to rethink the topic or hone it.

Shall we embrace, this text you’re reading could well salvage been a listicle, but in the raze the entire data I wished to share wouldn’t fit neatly inside of the list layout (such because the definition of a listicle and why you would possibly want to write one). These “danglers” ruin the list – and defeat the neatness, simplicity, and satisfaction inherent in the layout.

Prolonged memoir quick: Whilst you happen to can’t fit the entire data to your article neatly inside of a checklist, you shouldn’t write it as a listicle. 

2. Write a definite and issue listicle headline

Fortunately, your listicle headline should write itself – but it shouldn’t be clickbaity.

Click-bait headlines promise bigger than they ship. Which plot your headline first and predominant excites your reader in some system, but after they click and start reading, they straight feel let down.

Steer definite of this by getting definite and issue about what your article will encompass. Picture that to your headline, including the issue desire of steps/aspects your list contains.

Shall we embrace, if I became once writing a listicle in regards to the best eco-gracious clothing corporations, I would word it like this:

“10 unprecedented eco-gracious clothing brands for the earth-aware client”

Or, if I became once writing a listicle of tips to ascertain money on heating/cooling:

“5 straightforward tips to ascertain money on heating and cooling your condominium”

These headlines are descriptive, but they don’t over-promise. They’re additionally entrance-loaded with the need of aspects in the list. 

This listicle headline from a plumber is one other immense instance. It’s straightforward but wonderful:

plumbing listicle

3. Outline and number the steps or aspects

Next, lay out the entire steps, aspects, or items to your listicle. Write them out as a straightforward list and number them accordingly.

Right here’s your outline – a truly pleasurable step that allows you to concentrate to your entire article at a glance and make a selection up obvious it is miles friendly from a zoomed-out level of view.

At this level, make a selection up obvious that your list items are ordered as logically as imaginable. 

  • If your list items are steps in a job, prepare them in the narrate wished to total the duty.
  • If the narrate of your list items doesn’t depend upon common sense, list the most treasured items or aspects first – the ones your readers will care in regards to the most.

Shall we embrace, this listicle by Baking Kneads affords 13 tips for baking a cake. The guidelines agree to a logical narrate, starting with prepping ingredients and ending with the suited frosting technique.

baking listicle example

4. Don’t chain your self to a obvious desire of aspects

As you’re outlining your listicle, don’t say, “I salvage to jot down 13 aspects or else…” 

That’s a recipe for an unsatisfying list. What at the same time as you happen to’ve system more treasured data than that? What at the same time as you happen to could without issues write a checklist of 25 aspects, every of them critical?

On the alternative hand, what at the same time as you happen to fight to come up with more list items after number 7? The relaxation of your aspects seemingly won’t be that treasured or inviting – and that’s how you raze up with useless fluff.

As a change, let your topic recordsdata you on how unprecedented data or no longer it is a must salvage to meet readers – and how prolonged your list must be. 

  • Elevate out topic study on Google to be aware of what opponents salvage incorporated in their lists.
  • Keep in mind your brand trip and add what you know will be treasured essentially based mostly totally to your data and trip.
  • Soak up mind what your viewers wishes to know, and aim to supply that.
  • By no plot add more list items correct to hit a issue number or pad out your list.

Wide instance: Heaps of oldsters will let you know that including a obvious desire of items to your listicle is more collaborating and will accomplish more clicks and reads. Some say to totally utilize ordinary numbers, others stick with multiples of 5, and a few entirely build lists with 1-9 items.

This Backlinko listicle totally throws all those “best practices” out the window by including 200(!) items.

long listicle example

5. Invent every level or step definite and treasured

To write a surely critical list article, make a selection up every level or list item as definite and treasured as imaginable. This technique being issue, actionable, and descriptive.

Shall we embrace, if I became once writing a listicle of descend gardening tips, it can well be straightforward to be obscure, like: 

  1. Plant bulbs
  2. Prune

“But wait!” my green-thumb readers would judge. “Plant what bulbs? Prune what?”

These steps entirely hit one target: They’re actionable. But, to be definite and treasured, they must be issue and descriptive, too. Right here’s how I would edit them:

  1. Plant spring bulbs like garlic, tulips, and daffodils
  2. Prune hardy perennials and woody herbs

Sprint, that it is most likely you’ll portray these actions in the paragraph text. But, you’ll make a selection up your overarching list more treasured (and optimized) at the same time as you happen to make a selection up clearer on the list stage. For the scanning reader, severely, right here’s orderly critical. It additionally helps search engine crawlers brand what your content is about.

Right here’s an actual instance of that from a gardening tips listicle by Eartheasy:

gardening listicle - clear list items

6. Employ the suited formatting for a listicle

Incessantly utilize the identical layout for every listicle you write. 

Definite, that it is most likely you’ll skip the formatting and proper salvage no subject feels actual. But do now not omit that listicles are neatly-liked precisely due to the their numbered list layout. It’s the motive they’re so collaborating and a focus-grabbing. So why mess with a confirmed typical?

Right here are the frequent rules to agree to:

  • Format every list item as a numbered heading.
  • Employ the identical heading stage for every level in the list (all H2s, all H3s, etc.).
  • Picture every list item. Tell the reader why it’s on the list, why they want to care, and, if applicable, how one can salvage it.
  • Affirm your aspects logically – utilize chronological narrate at the same time as you happen to’re checklist steps in a job; add the most treasured aspects on the close if there’s no definite ordering blueprint.
  • If relevant, add photography to illustrate every level. (Shall we embrace, every e book in the “best 100 books” list above incorporates a photograph of the quilt.)

In a roundabout plot, in case your list is orderly-prolonged, concentrate on grouping it by categories.

Shall we embrace, a listicle of Christmas stocking stuffer concepts is grouped by build of gift:

listicle groupings

Prepared to jot down your listicle?

Don’t make a selection up overwhelmed when writing your listicle. Even though there are many small particulars that can back your content rank better and accomplish more reads, you most most most likely salvage an instinct about creating an actual list already.

Keep in mind it: How many listicles salvage you ever consumed in the final week on my own? The final month? Whilst you happen to’re like most on-line readers, it’s seemingly plenty bigger than you realized.

Accumulate the entire issues you admire about listicles and pour them into your content. Add in these steps and tips, and mix successfully. Your wonderful listicle will be ready to your content calendar in no time.

Opinions expressed in this text are those of the visitor writer and no longer essentially Search Engine Land. Workers authors are listed right here.

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