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How to Make Spam Calls Automatically Go to Voicemail on Android

Image: Pexels

Despite being on the Attain No longer Name list, I’ve one way or the other managed to produce it onto some style of robocall list where a girl named “Ann” is attempting to sell me effectively being insurance. Ann calls me now not lower than a dozen events a day from numbers across the country (what a traveler!) to let me know in regards to the final deals she has available. Every time I stick spherical long ample to evaluation with a score so I’m in a position to inquire them to pause calling me again, they straight away hang up on me. It’s monumental.

At this level, I’ve already blocked a handful of “known Ann” numbers, meaning my mobile phone doesn’t ring when she calls from there, but she’s soundless in a location to depart a voicemail. In case you’re experiencing the identical, I extremely point out it. The activity lets in me to miss now not lower than four or 5 calls a day, and I’m in a position to agreeable delete the voicemail the 2d I hear her distinctive “Hi!” Quiet, Ann is soundless in a location to gather by draw of from pretty a whole lot of numbers.

This week Google unveiled a brand new feature for the Phone app that’s going to produce that plenty more uncomplicated. Now you’ll be in a location to location your mobile phone up so that every time Google detects a call is doubtlessly spam it will mechanically kick that decision to voicemail so your mobile phone gained’t even ring. You’ll need the newest version of the app for it to work.

To location it up start the updated Phone app for your Android mobile phone after which tap the hamburger menu (the three dots on top of every there in the pause agreeable corner), after which Settings adopted by Caller ID & Unsolicited mail.

From there, tap to “Turn Caller ID & Unsolicited mail” on, after which “Filter suspected spam calls” to acquire them sent straight to voicemail.

It’s seemingly you’ll per chance well perhaps also furthermore file a call as spam by going into the mobile phone app and taking a gaze at Fresh calls. Faucet the choice you will perhaps be attempting to acquire to file as spam after which use “Block/file spam” from the menu (now not everybody has the file as spam option). Otherwise, you’ll be in a location to agreeable tap Block right here, which is what I’ve been doing to agreeable ol’ Ann when she calls to kick her straight to voicemail.

Sure, you soundless acquire to address the voicemail your “Ann” leaves, and a call or two you will perhaps be attempting to acquire could well gather kicked there by mistake, but whenever you happen to’re getting a ton of spam calls it will even be price it agreeable to now not acquire your mobile phone ringing all day with calls you don’t are attempting to answer to.

And whenever you happen to haven’t already, signing up for the Attain No longer Name list isn’t a rank belief. Given my present situation it clearly isn’t going to gather rid of the final tense calls, but it with out a doubt can now not lower than cut down on them.