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How to Learn and Type in Morse Code on Your iPhone


Image: Google

Thanks to a new Gboard keyboard feature, you are going to now keep in touch by Morse code on iOS—factual love Android users who maintain been dotting and dashing away since Might maybe maybe additionally. Don’t know morse code? Google says it would roar you in the language in exactly an hour, if you happen to try the corporate’s new typing coach.

In reveal to keep in touch in Morse code (and learn it), you first need to download Google’s special Gboard keyboard from the App Store or Google Play. (The Android version also enables users to hook external switches to the diagram, a feature that would possibly maybe maybe maybe make communication more uncomplicated for some of us with disabilities.)

Whenever you’ve set up aside in Gboard on Android (or if it’s already set up aside in to your smartphone for you), pull up your diagram’s Settings app. Scroll down and tap on Draw, after which Languages & enter. Tap on Digital keyboard, then Gboard, after which Languages. Tap on English (US), after which scroll thru the checklist of keyboards until you safe Morse code, the total blueprint to the most effective. Tap on that. Whenever you happen to realizing the supplemental alternatives for the keyboard appear underneath it, scroll down a microscopic bit if you happen to would pick to enable sounds will maintain to you tap a dot or a slightly.

The direction of is expounded on iOS, but mighty less confusing. Whenever you’ve long gone thru the basics to enable Gboard to your iPhone, pull up the app and tap on the “Languages” option. Tap on “Add language,” after which scroll down until you safe Morse code. Tap it to fetch out it—you’ll catch the sounds of your dots and dashes mechanically, but you are going to disable them in the app’s Keyboard settings display (in direction of the bottom).

For either platform, Google has a factual description of what just some of the a form of settings mean that you just’re going to also no longer already know—love “character timeout” and “observe timeout,” for instance.

Whenever you’re ready to beginning up tapping on the Morse keyboard, head over to Google’s Morse Typing Trainer to beginning up finding out letters and words. The inspiring factor about Google’s coaching instrument is that it prompts you with relaxing microscopic mnemonic devices you are going to spend to catch in thoughts which aggregate of dots and dashes corresponds with every letter. Whenever you happen to would prefer to form an “A,” for instance, assume “archery,” and factual tap dot-poke—the nock of an arrow and its shaft: