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How to Keep Windows 10 Organized, Pretty, and Productive

Microsoft Home windows can discover messy. It’s now not (continuously) the operating system’s fault. You download 1000’s apps and recordsdata, and create new content stuff of your individual, unless your “Downloads” checklist appears to be like cherish a landfill for old-long-established content. Your desktop is so pudgy of icons, you may’t look your ultimate wallpaper. Your Open Menu appears to be like cherish an app buffet. Briefly, your operating system is a mess, nonetheless it no doubt’s now not unfixable.

We take spring cleansing very severely at Lifehacker. Some distance be it from us to let a chance to refresh, reorganize, and declutter our properties lives pass us by. We’re moreover ultimate psyched to hit the reset button on our tech utilization, take a terminate gaze at our finances, and offers the heave-ho to the day-to-day habits that absorb gotten a limited bit dilapidated. Welcome to Spring Cleansing Week, wherein we determined the cobwebs of winter and placement the stage for sunny days ahead. Let’s dapper issues up, lets?

There are a pair of free apps you may employ so that you just may perhaps add some critical-wished organization to your Home windows world. Here are a pair of of our favorites:


We covered this app a lengthy time within the past, nonetheless it no doubt’s charge resurrecting. DropIt is a huge utility that could encourage you cease organized when you happen to’re the roughly one who dumps the entirety you download (or copy to your PC) into a single folder—one big, sprawling hub that many recordsdata enter, nonetheless now not regularly ever slide away.

DropIt helps you to location up a ton of assorted guidelines that fireplace off everytime you bolt recordsdata onto the utility’s limited icon. As an illustration, you may location the app to continuously switch image recordsdata into your famous photos folder, video recordsdata into your movies folder, and Observe paperwork into—you guessed it—your paperwork folder.

That’s factual the start. At the same time as you cherish to must discover more developed, DropIt can automatically scan folders (cherish your Downloads folder) and apply more developed filters to something it finds, cherish automatically unzipping archives, renaming recordsdata in step along with your parameters, or compressing mammoth batches of recordsdata that are in some other case taking on moderately more condo than you cherish to absorb.

Automation is a huge strategy to encourage you cease organized in Home windows, and DropIt virtually offers you a digital helper at your fingertips.


If your sprawling photo library wants some severe organization nonetheless you don’t are attempting to pay for something cherish Adobe Lightroom, the start-supply app digiKam is a huge different.

Exercise this app to form your photos and create (or edit) metadata so that it is seemingly you’ll discover exactly what you’re making an try for in one easy-to-discover admission to library. At the same time as you’re moreover moderately of a photograph perfectionist, you may employ digiKam to edit your frequent and RAW photos to construct them image-supreme.

This app is a critical better resolution for organizing photos than factual dumping them into arbitrary Home windows folders. Your disorganized laborious drive will thank you, and also you’ll be critical less likely to lose (or ignore) photos going ahead.


We’re now not going to ask why it is seemingly you’ll absorb a bunch of emulators put in for your system, and we’re going to buy that every person the ROMs spread all over that nightmare of a folder building within the “Games” share of your laborious drive are entirely correct. Upright? Regardless, when you happen to factual spent the closing day getting your nostalgia kick by downloading archives of thousands of assorted retro video games to play for your contemporary-day PC, keeping these video games under steal watch over goes to feel overwhelming.

We counsel grabbing LaunchBox, which is a huge “sport organizer” utility that helps you to snappy discover and play titles for your big library. You may be in a reveal to faucet into the app’s crowd-sourced database to pepper your titles with famous files, cherish free up dates, genres, publishers, and images, and also you may designate trot video games as favorites to construct theme more straightforward to search out within the event it is seemingly you’ll absorb a limited bit time to abolish.

LaunchBox moreover makes it (a limited bit) easy to import video games from your favourite distribution services, cherish Steam, Fight.acquire, and GoG (to establish a pair of). At the same time as you’re the field’s greatest gamer who plays the entirety you may download and occasionally grabs new titles to try from all of the main services, LaunchBox is a huge strategy to put collectively your video games under one digital roof.


Everybody is conscious of Home windows’ Aero Snap shortcuts, lawful? Hit Home windows Key + one among the arrow keys for your keyboard to send your full of life window flying at some level of your screen: minimizing, opening, panicked to have confidence 1 / four or half of of your designate, and bouncing off your famous designate fully (when you happen to will absorb a multi-video show setup).

AquaSnap takes this idea and supercharges it. You may be in a reveal to snap your windows to varied system of your designate, factual cherish with Aero Snap, nonetheless you may moreover form so critical more.

As an illustration, when you happen to will absorb three windows start in a scrumptious tiled configuration, you may resize all three on the cruise factual by dragging your mouse round—every expands and shrinks as wished. Your windows can now snap to one one more, now not factual the corners of your designate, and also you may switch associated apps round as one mammoth chunk of a community.

Double-clicking on the perimeter of a window permits it to amplify in that direction to have confidence the entirety of your designate, a to hand trick. Grabbing a app’s window and shaking it round along with your mouse—yes, shaking it—turns the window clear and models it to take a seat “continuously on top” of some other windows it is seemingly you’ll absorb start. That’s a huge limited feature when you happen to could well must discover admission to something cherish a calculator, nonetheless don’t prefer it getting too critical within the draw within the event you aren’t the utilization of it.

And when you happen to cherish to must discover crazy, you may tackle your Home windows wizardry the utilization of AquaSnap’s keyboard hotkeys. Your coworkers and chums could be in scare of your angry window-engrossing expertise.


Screenshot: David Murphy

At the same time as you’re the roughly one who arranges your smartphone apps by coloration, you’re going to love TileIconifier. Though it’s going to quiz moderately of your time when you happen to’re crazy about how your Open Menu appears to be like, this utility helps you to customize your apps’ tiles.

As an illustration, when you happen to love a specific coloration (green), and are upset that the background coloration of your favourite app’s tile doesn’t align along with your chromatic preferences, you may fix that. You may be in a reveal to either upload your individual custom image to make employ of as a medium or minute tile—sorry, mammoth or large tiles aren’t supported—or you may simply employ the app’s existing icon (scaled to any size) with any background coloration you cherish to absorb. You may be in a reveal to construct every gentle and dark variations of the icon, too, when you happen to ever feel cherish switching Home windows subject matters.

Of direction, most of your icons’ backgrounds must silent factual swap to whatever coloration you take hold of as an accent in Home windows 10 (Settings > Personalization > Colours). TileIconifier is a huge strategy to bend the more stubborn icons to your will—or, worse, to exchange every pleasant icon for your tiles with a special image of a cute animal. (And form send us a screenshot when you happen to slide that route.)