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How to Get Minesweeper on Your Mac

Screenshot: David Murphy

Must you’ve been a die-laborious Apple fan since you first build your fingers to a keyboard, there’s a likelihood you’ve by no methodology experienced the fun of Minesweeper—one among the two traditional video games that old style to be found on Microsoft’s Dwelling windows running machine. If that’s correct, or if you lawful omit the fun of shedding game, after game, after game of Minesweeper, bother now not: It’s time to Macsweep.

Taking part in minesweeper in your Mac

There are a host of diversified ways to play Minesweeper in your Mac—and masses that don’t even depend upon your platform loyalty. For an spectacular, enhanced Minesweeper ride that doesn’t seek for enjoy someone coded it in a day, I recommend attempting out ProximityMines.

Despite the incontrovertible truth that the fat version of the game prices you $Four, that’s on the general what you’ll pay for a first rate version of Minesweeper from the Mac App Retailer. You will accept more cost-effective variations of the game, however they seek for enjoy a carbon-copy of the Dwelling windows title—or worse.

Screenshot: David Murphy

With ProximityMines, you derive a game that doesn’t pop up a 32-bit warning if you occur to head to load it on High Sierra (unlike some other Minesweeper variants you would also accept on the on-line). It also has a somewhat extra up to the moment interface than the normal Minesweeper seek for, a loud “click” noise everytime you click on an unknown tile, and an glum “increase” everytime you got out poorly.

Larger of all, you are going to be ready to play the major version of ProximityMines so long as you’d like without paying a penny. Must you tire of the problem and seek knowledge from extra, it be a must to pay for the fat version of the game to graceful mines from bigger stages. And if you glimpse that Half-hour on the major stage is all it be a must to meet your nostalgia craving, there you hotfoot—the worth of a burrito, saved.

How about a Minesweeper MMO?

Screenshot: David Murphy

I’d be a substandard Minesweeper fan if I also didn’t give a generous callout to A Few Billion Square Tiles, a hugely multiplayer version of Minesweeper that challenges you to unclear extra of a enormous, randomized, infinite board than everybody else taking part in. Must you’re attracted to striking your mine-clearing expertise to a subject, give the free demo a whirl—or pony up $three to bewitch it off the Mac App Retailer.

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