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How to Delete All the Emo Tumblr Posts You Published Over the Years

There would possibly possibly possibly well possibly be reasons why you would possibly possibly possibly preserve your Tumblr yarn however delete all of your posts. Seemingly you land-grabbed an fabulous Tumblr username or URL and you don’t must give it up, however you’d moderately other folks no longer know about how into anime GIFs you’ve been all the very best plan thru the final few years, your sad obsession with Henry Cavill, or how in general you post about cats one day of the 9–5 work week. Things admire that.

Tumblr provides a Mass Post Editor, which which it’s likely you’ll well use to add or edit tags for a bunch of posts at this time or delete the posts fully. Nonetheless, in the event you’ve been Tumbling (Tumblring?) for some time, here’s going to be an exhausting direction of, seeing as you will must click every single post in my opinion sooner than performing a mass-delete.

And, no, clicking one post and shift-clicking one other post to quick gather a crew doesn’t work. Just thought, even though.

The Javascript trick that will put you (some) time

Happily, there’s moderately trick which it’s likely you’ll well use to assemble batches of a hundred posts at this time, and which it’s likely you’ll well continue to repeat that direction of—selecting, deleting, selecting extra, deleting extra, et cetera—except you’ve cleared out your Tumblr for horny. Yes, this would possibly possibly light take moderately time in the event it’s likely you’ll simply have gotten 1000’s of posts, however it with out a doubt’s a lot better than clicking every in my opinion, no longer no longer as much as.

Confession: I already deleted all my aged Tumblr posts sooner than taking a screenshot. Estimable pretend this, events two thousand, is what your Tumblr seems to be admire.
Screenshot: David Murphy

As Louis Li describes, you’ll first must pull up the Mass Post Editor. Then, copy and paste this little bit of Javascript into your browser’s cope with bar: javascript:$('.overlay').carve(0, a hundred).click()

You ought to return in and add the “javascript:” portion all all over again, on yarn of most of the nice browsers (admire Chrome, Edge, and Firefox) strip that portion out of your copy-and-paste job.

Right here’s a transient lifehack for that: Estimable manufacture a bookmark for your browser’s bookmarks toolbar with that entire javascript string because the URL. That plan, which it’s likely you’ll well loyal click on the bookmark to set off the code, moderately than having to cope with bunch of copying and pasting.

Yes, I in fact have a form of aged bookmarks I in fact need to fight thru.
Screenshot: David Murphy

To offer particular the code is catching as many posts because it need to, be sure to preserve on scrolling down in the Mass Post Editor to pull up extra aged posts. Whenever you in fact feel admire you’ve hit a hundred or so, dawdle the Javascript, delete the posts, and preserve going. We suggest placing on some soothing music at the same time as you delete—something you would be less more likely to post about for your freshly sanitized Tumblr whenever you’re performed.