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Google’s New Search Quality Feedback Form

Google Suggestion Box Notes Lady

Google has launched a new unsolicited mail or as they call it, search quality feedback beget. This beget lets in you to put up feedback spherical not precise unsolicited mail but paid links, malicious behavior, low quality, and various search quality problems. Google has had unsolicited mail reports for some time, right here’s precise an as a lot as this point one.

The beget is at mail.

You most most likely would possibly not precise put up one URL or living at a time but the majority submission feature lets in you to put up as a lot as 5 pages in a single describe.

The beget is neat in that it helps you slim in on what you are reporting, cherish several dazzling feedback beget should pause. Plus this can push aside identical reports submitted by the identical client to forestall unsolicited mail. And Google will ship you a affirmation email confirming the submission became once a success.

Listed below are screenshots of the beget (click to magnify):

click for corpulent measurement

click for corpulent measurement

The tremendous question is, will you exercise it. In the dilapidated days, SEOs had a pact about not submitting unsolicited mail complaints to Google. But these events are prolonged gone…

Right here is about a more from John Mueller of Google:

Dialogue board discussion at Twitter.