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Google’s John Mueller Suggests Adding Dates To Articles

As you all know, I am an major fan of dates on articles and blog content. I even urged Google should penalize pages that invent no longer effect dates on articles. Google has no longer long previous that a long way, but – but John Mueller looks to be to be a fan of dates on articles as successfully.

John Mueller from Google wrote on Twitter that it’s best to effect dates on stuff because it helps your users. He wrote “Why no longer effect a date on it? I personally ranking it basically helpful to know that once finding out something. It’s substantial to uncover evergreen content, and it’s substantial to uncover new looks at an damaged-down or new topic. All indulge in their space. Write something awesome & stand by it!”

We invent know that Google can penalize date bylines in snippets if they are abused – which they are by many publishers. But no longer having a date in any appreciate is at sleek something Google does no longer penalize for.

After all, internet residing static content would no longer want a date. But any news, articles, blogs, research, etc, will should indulge in dates and even time stamps – of course, right here is my thought. I good personally hate finding out content that won’t timestamped.

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