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Google Won’t Decode MD5 Hash URLs For Keywords

I love seeing Google SEO connected questions I’ve never considered before and this one, I never noticed before. Does Google decode md5 hash values in URLs to extract hidden key phrases within them for record search or web search. The reply will not be any but I am definite that is determined to most of you.

In short, if someone programs their record URLs to use an md5 hash designate rather than the predominant phrases in the file establish upon upload so As yet every other of /photographs/sunflower-in-a-meadow/ it’d be /photographs/46c45d06c16aa7eaa60a389700ffb55f/ – can Google extract from 46c45d06c16aa7eaa60a389700ffb55f to be equal to sunflower-in-a-meadow?

The reply will not be any.

Google’s John Mueller talked about on Twitter that Google has bigger and extra novel problems to settle out before spending the time and resources doing that. John talked about “we like shapely people engaged on things, but there are ample fashioned problems to clear up before we try to reverse hashes to guess at what someone meant.” “Build it uncomplicated and glaring, in the event you preserve to like search engines to achieve one thing particular,” her added.

Forum dialogue at Twitter.