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Google: We Treat Hashtags As Words In Content

Google Hashtag

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter, “when it involves online pages in Google Search, hashtags are favorable-looking words, they would not enjoy any particular which potential that or conclude.” So if which that you just would possibly per chance be big into #hashtagging every little thing, Google will be pleased it as favorable-looking content on the page.

Listed below are these tweets:

Previously, Google’s John Mueller said it became alright to make exercise of hashtags in meta descriptions. As I wrote then, I make now not contemplate it matters if you utilize hashtags in meta descriptions or now not. I mean, it will most likely be more stare-catching if Google uses your meta description for the hunt result snippet – but doubtless Google is less seemingly to make exercise of it attributable to it has a hashtag. I make now not know. It is a long way one thing one can test out over time…

The confusion with hashtags and Google potentially comes when it involves utilizing them in URLs or links. Google tends to ignore any fragment of what comes after the hashtag within the URL. Those hashtags or pound signs are on the total extinct to anchor any person appropriate down to a direct fragment of a page. So Google sees a as the the same as

It is a long way ready utilizing them within the URL, which we lined before.

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