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Google: We Are Communicating About More Algorithm Updates

One other point from the Google NYC SEO Meetup the different night became that Danny Sullivan at Google said Google has been more active about talking about algorithm updates now than ever earlier than. Danny said Google communicates more generally about algorithm updates, which is why it feels that there are such heaps of more updates now than beforehand.

Danny’s talk became a recap of his Google blog post over here but with relatively a few SEO humor added.

Lily Ray tweeted this comment:

So yea, Google has been talking more about Google updates. It became humorous because Danny referenced one among my reports about there being methodology too many updates.

But Danny said Google deliberately begins and stops these greater updates so as that they devise now not overlap. Danny said this earlier than, announcing “We furthermore like been working to buy a bunch of replace sorts launched one after the other from every other when we are able to, so creators like the next sense of adjustments.”

Fancy, I had to develop this infographic as soon as to plan the total updates Google communicated about – this wasn’t even all of them:

click for full size

One point, Google is doing more updates, which Danny did verify in a while in his talk. In brief, Google did 5,000 updates in 2021, 4,500 updates in 2020, 3,200 updates earlier than that, and so on. So yes, Google is doing more “updates” – nonetheless Google defines updates.

So yes, there are more updates but Google is furthermore talking about more updates.

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