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Google Trends Has A New Look For 2023

New Google Trends 640

Google has revamped the Google Trends interface adding real-time tendencies to the dwelling page, updating those tendencies hourly and linking them to the news articles. This update comes a long time after Google has final up as a lot as now Google Trends (and older one).

Google said, “that now you can explore real-time tendencies precise on the dwelling page. These are up as a lot as now every hour and are accompanied by links to linked news articles, so that that you just can learn more in regards to the trending topic. And to wait on you better understand the arena round you, the homepage highlights what’s trending to your native country or space – and sparks your curiosity by sharing tendencies from world huge.”

The links to the publishers are a unbelievable addition. Surely, many SEOs, content marketers, publishers, and tons others all spend Google Trends – so that you just potentially seen this update.

Here’s a full-size screenshot of the brand new survey, that that you just can click on.

Google Trends Full Small

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