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Google Testing Search Ads That Blend into Organic & Can Be Closed Out

Update: As I suspected and wrote under, this appears as if one thing interfering with the ads, perceive this.

Antony Jackson posted a veil shot on Google+ of a brand new particular person interface where the quest ads and organic search listings more or much less mix together. There could be that this minute “Commercials X” at the pinnacle appropriate of the quest results, that appears extinct. It is practically no longer doable to enlighten the variation between where the ads pause and the first organic itemizing.

Essentially the most traditional cause one can enlighten is that the ads save utterly irrelevant. Which makes me wonder if the browser has some malware on it and that right here is de facto no longer an salubrious Google test?

Then again, I am told must you click on the “Commercials X” at the pinnacle appropriate, the ads give map and whisk away. Which is an fascinating factor to construct.

Here is the veil shot, which is no longer as high decision as I like:

Google has no longer confirmed this as a test, I build no longer know if there are some styles of browser injections occurring right here or if right here is a factual Google test. Nothing surprises me with Google on this day and age spherical these assessments however the ads are so uncommon that it makes me wonder if right here is real or no longer.

Can any of you replicate this?

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