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Google Stops Testing Domain Property In Search Console?

Did Google stop their beta take a look at of Domain Property, the feature that goals at simplifying property devices in the Google Search Console. The attend file Google had attend when it used to be being tested now results in a page now no longer stumbled on message.

Right here is what the page regarded take care of attend then:

Google Search Console Domain Property

Right here is what the attend file said sooner than it used to be eliminated:

Search Console is experimenting with a brand new invent of net property that capabilities all protocol and subdomain diversifications for a given enviornment. This new property, known as a Domain property, is defined using a bare enviornment or subdomain fragment, without any protocol or direction. Files for all subdomains, protocols, and subpaths are aggregated for this property.

As an instance, if you occur to interpret a Domain property as “”, it comprises, any subdomains of (as an illustration,, give a boost,, etc), moreover to any subpaths in any of these domains, on both http and https.

Now it is long previous. So Google would possibly well very properly be performed attempting out it and it failed or it is launching rapidly or adapting into one thing else?

Any person in the beta desire to let us know?

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