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Google: Sometimes Bot Protection Services Serve Noindex Directive

Google Robotic Blocked

Fabricate you know that in most cases those bot protection services can support Google and fairly about a search engines noindex directives? Google’s John Mueller said this on X, asserting, “In most cases there’s bot-protection (or a login, interstitial, and so forth) triggering that has a noindex on it.”

He additionally added that it’d be better for them to support 503 server draw codes. “Better would be to utilize 503 for server-aspect blocks savor bot-protection,” he wrote.

Within the destroy, the particular person he spoke back to was having a certain arena inflicting the noindex, it was not bot protection. He said it was “some shenanigans with NextJS doing client aspect rendering in arena of server rendering.” “The HTML had a noindex label, which was eradicated after rendering on the browser. The HTML proven on GSC is the one AFTER JavaScript rendering, which is why I couldn’t secure it and view it was a GSC bug,” he added.

This was the error he was seeing:

Gsc Noindex Shot

Listed below are those posts:

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