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Google Sends AMP Issue Detected Notices

A pair of days within the past, Google sent out via Google Search Console a succesful different of AMP notifications associated to new issues detected. The object is, the subject is no longer new, the notification about the subject is new.

The notification reads “New AMP subject detected for location.” The message of the notification reads:

To proprietor of,

Search Console has identified that your location is plagued by X new subject of kind AMP.

Top Warnings (5 maximum)

Warnings are suggestions for improvement. Some warnings can crimson meat up your appearance on Search; some warnings can change into errors someday. The following warnings were found on your location:

Image dimension smaller than suggested dimension We propose that you just be taught more about these issues and fix them when imaginable to enable your location to occupy the explicit imaginable expertise and coverage in Google Search.

Google modified the AMP image dimension ideas a year or so within the past and now Google is sending notifications to of us who also have not addressed the subject. Ivan Tobon and Morning time Anderson seen this major and posted on Twitter:

John Mueller from Google confirmed the subject is no longer new but the notification about the subject is more or much less new:

Discussion board discussion at Twitter.