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Google Search Indexing Issues For Some Publishers

I’m seeing a huge selection of reports from publishers that Google is having concerns indexing Google News publishers and other web sites. Most web sites create no longer seem like having a problem but there are reports of many publishers having concerns. Google said they’ll investigate the difficulty.

Google’s John Mueller answered to about a of the complaints that he has despatched these reports up to the team to look into:

This residing and most web sites I do know of are no longer having concerns however the flaws seem like there. Right here are some examples:

A residing advise for [] returns no outcomes for the previous week.

There are diversified complaints in the Google News Serve Forums as nicely. It has been going on for over a week now.

It is additionally presumably no longer proper news publishers:

Over again, this is no longer as sizable of a problem from aid in November with Google News publishers or the Google indexing concerns from Could also objective.

Are you having concerns?

Discussion board dialogue at Google News.