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Google Search Console Redesigns Page Experience Overview Screen

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Google looks to contain redesigned the page skills overview file interior Google Search Console. The overview display now looks more like a current informational display with plenty much less recordsdata on it than the unusual model. Right here is share of the page skills file adjustments that we were anticipating.

Right here’s a screenshot of the new page skills overview page:

Google Page Journey Search Console Salvage

Compare that to what it regarded like a few months ago:

click for beefy size

On the new overview page for the page skills file it says, “Google’s core ranking programs look to reward content that gives an real page skills. Search Console has reviews for two aspects you may possibly presumably must bag about: Core Web Vitals and HTTPS. On the opposite hand, page skills involves larger than just these two aspects.” “Other aspects of page skills: Apt page skills specializes in many varied aspects, not only 1 or two. Perceive check must you’re offering an overall mountainous page skills.”

The page skills reviews are long gone, as anticipated but the different reviews are unruffled there. Additionally Google removed the true page skills search appearance filter from the performance file.

I feel relating to the reviews you click into are unchanged…

Discussion board dialogue at X and hat tip to @Bhaskar_Digital.

Substitute: Just a few hours later, Google posted about this commerce:

Google added, “Substitute on November 8, 2023: We’re also retiring the Apt page skills search appearance filter from the Efficiency file, as page skills has developed to consist of more aspects than just Core Web Vitals and HTTPS. To enable time for adjusting your API calls, toughen for this search appearance filter within the Search Console API will be removed in 180 days.”