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Google Search Console Is Out Of Beta

The day earlier than on the present time we reported that Google started directing customers by default when they login to Google Search Console to the beta version as a substitute of the previous college version. Neatly, plenty of hours after we reported that, Google announced Google Search Console is now out of beta. So that explains it.

Google’s header on the new Google Search Console has eradicated the beta impress:

Here’s what it looked the day long gone by:

Google unruffled has a link to the previous college version, which that you can maybe be in a build to also entry at or by project of the link in the sidebar of the new Google Search Console.

Yes, there are unruffled parts missing in the new edition that also must be migrated to the new edition.

Google is attentive to this, they said “We are able to continue engaged on intriguing more reports and tools as well to including thrilling new capabilities to the new Search Console.” So dwell tuned.

John Mueller from Google confirmed this on Twitter:

I doubt Google will tumble entry to the previous college version till they are done with migrating the entire parts they need in the new edition and there would possibly maybe be not a ETA for when that will seemingly be.

As an FYI, Google has been checking out the BETA version for successfully over a year now.

Forum dialogue at Twitter.