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Google Search Console API Is Delayed

Google Establish Lines Api

For the previous few days or so it looks that the Google Search Console API has been delayed. There has been complaints about this on social media and in the Google forums. It is never strange for Search Console to run into these delays but I take a look at loads of contemporary complaints about this, so I’m reporting on it.

There are a assortment of threads in the Google Webmaster Lend a hand Boards about the lengthen and posts on Mastodon and X with complaints.

Optimizely wrote, “Someone else’s Google Search Console on a lunge-unhurried? I’ve got “New records” markers in opposition to the last 3 days (in general best the last 24hrs) and my Looker Studio reviews build no longer desire to pull the rest beyond 7th December by?”

Simon Cox answered, “I even enjoy loads of pages on my non-public map no longer indexed – added a load of susceptible posts relief into it over a week previously and none are indexed irrespective of placing them in the queue. AS for records – New records from the eighth to tenth. So hasten identical as you! As @johnmu at all times says – it will win up.”

El Carpo wrote, “Fourth day in a row that Google’s Search Console API is nos displaying up-to-date records.”

John Mueller from Google spoke back on Mastodon announcing, “Yeah, infrequently it is a ways rather unhurried, but it for hasten in general catches up.”

Within the forums, one particular person wrote, “this in general had 2-3 days lengthen between UI (search console) and the API, nonetheless we’re now stepping into the 6 day with out a records what-so-ever, we’re tranquil in a position to retrieve records sooner than that date, nonetheless nothing starting from and after 08 Dec 23, nothing has modified from our aspect.”

Google Search Console Api Delayed

One other particular person wrote, “I even were the utilization of the Google Search Console API to pull records for a story and revel in seen that no records previous December 7 is being returned. I’m historical to a 2-day crawl in records, nonetheless it has been 5 days and no records previous December 7 is being returned. I’m getting no errors, exact an empty response.”

Dave Tidy smartly-known, “that it is probably you’ll presumably add “dataState”: “all” to the resolution and get the unusual records as smartly. That will lift it at the moment as a lot as the 11th, “but I have a tendency to lend a hand for finalized, especially must you’re warehousing the records,” Dave added.

I should reward that as of this morning the records is as a lot as the 11th, which is tranquil delayed but no longer as a ways relief because it was as soon as earlier this week.

Forum dialogue at Google Webmaster Lend a hand Boards, Mastodon and X.