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Google Says Negative SEO Via Canonicals Redirects Don’t Really Work

Bill Hartzer posted a few “new undetectable unfavorable SEO tactic” final week, which used to be a beautiful fundamental blog post title to make use of since it is a actually solid accusation. First, we bask in covered the discipline of redirecting penalties from inappropriate web sites to new web sites several situations, including the canonical methodology – so the belief of unfavorable SEO by canonicals is no longer with out a doubt new. However even extra so, Google’s messaging in regards to the usage of this tactic has acknowledged no, it doesn’t work as a unfavorable SEO tactic (even supposing, the messaging has been advanced around this prior to now to be beautiful).

Bill explains that you just are going to bask in a victim pickle and a inappropriate pickle, the inappropriate SEO copies the pinnacle of the victim pickle and keep it on the inappropriate pickle after which use the canonical designate to point the inappropriate pickle to the victim pickle. Bill says then Google will combine the two web sites and the can be that the role gets damage due to it. You would be taught extra about these particulars on his blog, nevertheless most of you maybe discover about this prior in completely different areas.

John Mueller from Google replied that first that is no longer how canonicals work they attain no longer combine signals:

He also acknowledged that folk bask in tried things like this with canonicals, it has been around for years, and Google is responsive to what other folks would possibly maybe prefer to place a look for at to attain to their competitors.

Anyway, there has frequently been a debate about unfavorable SEO and here it appropriate it going on but but again.

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