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Google Says Meta Refresh Redirects Work Excellent But Now not Suggested

I actually enjoy several blog posts here that has Google pronouncing no longer to make spend of the meta refresh redirect kind. That it’s best to spend a 301 or 302 redirect as a change and no longer the meta refresh model.

But does it work? Does the spend of a meta refresh model of the redirect work? Effectively, that you simply can check it or lumber by what John Mueller of Google acknowledged on Twitter this morning, the save he acknowledged it does work.

“A meta refresh kind redirect must always perfect work,” John acknowledged. As soon as Google processes the meta refresh redirect, they attain address it cherish any diverse redirect. John added “we do no longer recommend it for two causes: UX (it retains the page in browser history, afaik) & processing time (now we wish to parse the page to ogle it).”

Listed below are some tweets round this conversation from this morning:

Dialogue board dialogue at Twitter.